Excuse me while I RAMBLE about Bathroom Etiquette.

My husband and I just got back from a trip to New York City. I can’t wait to tell you more about that. Wow- I just love that place. But for now, let me talk to you about bathroom etiquette.

First of all, I understand that we all have to go. It’s how we are made. No matter what “number” you are doing, it is natural and has to happen. Period. Plain and simple. But now let’s get to the etiquette part.

I stood in line for 7 minutes for the bathroom in the La Guardia Airport. Not a big deal. They were only boarding group 2 and somehow my husband and I ALWAYS get group 4. It’s finally my turn to go into a stall. I was feeling a little anxiety. I don’t like flying, airports, or anything about the travel process. I didn’t want to have to pee on the airplane. I’m deathly afraid of flying so the thought of being in a compromising position and finding out I was going to die or the plane like swirling all around while i’m peeing FREAKS me out. Okay so back to it. I’m walking in the stall after a lady (who appeared to be nice, normal and pretty) walks out. I walk in, turn around, lock the door then turn back around to face the toilet. It’s always good practice to look at the toilet before you sit on it. Make sure it is sanitary and make sure there is TP. I turn and look at the toilet. There is pee everywhere. And not pee where she sat down and really had to go so it went everywhere… but like a “I am going to hover over this toilet even though I have no idea what i’m doing” kinda mess.

  1. You cannot get diseases from a toilet seat. So your inability to hover, yet your determination to do it anyway, is COMPLETELY in vain.
  2. If you hover and you know your talent in that area is lacking, please take some TP and wipe your pee off the seat. I’m not concerned about what you left on the floor, but the seat- that’s just gross. And it IS your responsibility to wipe it off.
  3. From now on I will call you out. If I could go back in time and open back up the door and say “hey lady who was just in here?! Come clean up your pee” I totally would.

This is a lesson in bathroom etiquette and this concludes my daily ramble.

For now,