“You’ve Got Mail”

That sound makes me happy. People make fun of me (like literally I have had people laugh at me) because I still use AOL. I use AOL for 3 reasons.

  1. I have used it for so long I can’t remember life without AOL
  2. It talks to me (You’ve got mail)
  3. It is SO simple

{Side Note… Most of my posts will have 3 points. I was raised Baptist. I can’t help it. Three points are our thing}

My email chimes at me a lot or reminds me I have mail very often. 98.4% of the time (yes that was made up on the spot as most statistics are) it is junk. But GOOD junk! Emails like “75% today only” and “One Day ONLY” sale emails, and reminders of upcoming sales at Victoria’s Secret. So while it truly is JUNK email in that it’s not a personal email, it is “Good” junk. Those good junk emails have cost me so much money through the years.

I believe in “Big Brother” and I swear he listens to us too. Inevitably every SINGLE time I talk to my husband about finances and saving money, or pray that God will bless our finances and help us be wise with our money, that ol’ familiar sound of “You’ve Got Mail” comes blaring through my computer only to inform me of a Buy 1 Get 1 sale that I just cannot resist.


So… I did something that was very VERY hard for me. Like literally almost made me sick to do it. I unenrolled. (And apparently that is so NOT a word because my computer has the red line underneath it). I went to unroll.me and did just that. It took a long time because somehow I am signed up to get every advertisers email EVER, but I did it.

My email talks to me less nowadays. I no longer wake up to an average of 30 emails each morning that are our mainly emails informing me of where I can “save money” today. BUT– my savings account thanks me.  I didn’t WANT to do it. But I needed to.

I cannot begin to tell you the times that I would be at home working on school work with a day (planned) to be filled with cleaning, organizing, getting rid of, etc, and that trusty ol’ “You’ve Got Mail” would have me out the door in 10 minutes flat to go get my bargains!! Isn’t that sad? It speaks volumes to my lack of determination even when I would harp on being determined to be smarter with my finances. It speaks volumes of the level of consumerism I have. (hopefully I can move this past tense soon). I would justify it to myself because HONESTLY most of those trips I left the house for so quickly were to buy things for someone else. (Children’s Place gets me EVERY. SINGLE.TIME. with their “huge savings.”) But…spending money is spending money. No matter who it is for. I had to come to grips with that.

I wish unroll.me was paying me to write this post, but they aren’t. This isn’t a shameless plug to get $10 in my blogger money account, this is a post to be very candid and frank about the steps I personally had to take to calm down my spending and increase my savings. You would think at 31 years old I would be able to just delete the email, but acknowledging the problem is half the battle…RIGHT? {Please someone say YES!!!!}

So check it out. Know yourself. Know what triggers you to spend money that you don’t have or shouldn’t be spending. For me, this was a huge step in the right direction.

For now,