SUCH a good book! The author is so comical and makes this whole process worth reading! The story of him with his “violet” suitcase and his wife’s sock that needed sewing– priceless stories!

Obviously I picked up the book out of curiosity to see what this was all about. I have followed a blog previously where the blogger suggests having a “no-spend month” (which we have done before) but never have I read a book about not making purchases throughout the year! Worth picking up for sure.

AT THE LIBRARY OF COURSE… where it is FREE! {duh}

For those of you that are curious yet aren’t going to read the book, I will break it down for you. They have some specific rules to abide by.

If you can fix it, fix it. Learn to repair your own stuff! Don’t replace it if it can be fixed.

Avoid commercials and catalogs. Basically avoid anything that is going to cause you to want to spend money OR things that will cause you to feel sad because you cannot buy anything right now.

Only buy what can be used up. (food, drinks, gasoline)

Keep what you love and get rid of what you don’t. If you have so many items and you don’t LOVE them, get rid of them.

Pretty simple plan to follow… right? Wrong? I don’t know! I’m torn. The whole book was amazing and there were many good ideas for us to try within the book. The overall concept of this book is not so much to save money and spend less, but to appreciate what you have and to spend more time connecting with others instead of buying them things.

Could we do that? Not buy anything for a year? Why does that seems SO difficult? 

We don’t need clothes. (It’s a sad fact. We have 4 closets in our house that are completely full of clothes, each room has a dresser, nightstand that is full, plus we have bins of “out of season” clothes in the attic.)

We don’t need suitcases. (That may sound random to you, but we both travel a lot so that is a necessity for us)

We don’t need furniture. 

We don’t need a new gaming system, tv or dvd player. 

We don’t need new vehicles. 

We NEED nothing, yet the thought of saying “Sure, i’ll sign up on this project” makes me sick at my stomach.

This whole consumerism thing isn’t going to be fixed over night. We live in a society where we GET GET GET! And let’s face it, we BUY BUY BUY because we WANT WANT WANT! Every year around my birthday and Christmas I begin to dread the inevtible question that is coming… “What do you want for your birthday?” or “What do you want for Christmas?” Why do I dread this question? Someone is asking me what I WANT so they can BUY it for me! How awesome is that? Yet I dread this question because of this simple fact: When I want something, I buy it. There- I said it. Happy now? When I want something, I buy it. Therefore I can’t ever tell anyone what I WANT because there is nothing on my list because I ALREADY BOUGHT IT!

See my point?

Even those of us who work our budgets monthly, and follow Dave Ramsey’s plan like it is the Bible, are STILL human beings living in 2016 where we buy what we want. I can’t change society. I can’t change anything but my OWN buying habits. And I realize that I have spent the bulk of my life buying things that I don’t really want simply as a hobby. Now THAT I can change.

Not sure if I am ready to sign up on the no buying for a year, but I am ready to make changes. What about you?

“The reward for humility and fear of the Lord is riches and honor and life.” Proverbs 22:4

For now,