I didn’t mean to look like a fool with my pants on the ground. It was an accident.


Let me explain…

I was fortunate to tag along while my husband was on business a few weeks back. He had to go up North (while still in our teeny, tiny, little state) to a town where my BFF lives. We had planned to have dinner with her and her family one night, but other than that, I didn’t have much to do. I was looking forward to it. I had packed my best reading material {Jennifer Hatmaker, Be Real by Rick Bezet, and even threw in a school book just in case I got THAT bored.} and had planned on taking advantage of the hotel gym.

On the day we got to our first stop, we got checked into the hotel, my husband helped me get connected to the wifi, and then he headed out the door. I had a few emails to respond to and then it was off to the gym for me! Day one was a success!

Day 2 started out fairly normal. {considering I was in a hotel} I slept in, went and enjoyed my free Hilton breakfast, and got changed for the gym. While I was running on the treadmill I realized my pants felt loose. There was no one in there {I often wonder why hotels even bother having gyms} so I didn’t think too much about grabbing my pants in the back every so often and yanking them up. (If you are reading this blog and are NOT from the South…yanking is another word for pulling)

After a good work out, I headed back to the room. I was in desperate need of a shower and a water! However, I realized my bottle of water was nearly empty. I had found out the night before that water in this particular town is not tasty. So… why not?  I had seen a gas station maybe a block or so away so why not keep up with my workout and run over there?

I walked out the back door of the hotel, stretched, and took off. I hadn’t made it past 4 windows and I felt my legs get SUPER cold. I look down and see that my pants are around my ankles. I yank {again, that’s pull} them up, look around to make sure that no one saw me {As I said PLEASE GOD PLEASE GOD about 100 times}, saw no signs of anyone so I continued on my way to the gas station by way of WALKING.

What is wrong with these pants? They are black Adidas pants. They aren’t leggings, but I can guarantee you they aren’t made to FALL DOWN.

Now here is where the crazy part comes in…


Years before, in different pants, my BFF and I were walking and decided one evening to do lunges up a hill in our neighborhood. I had on some Aeropostale jogging pants {I assure you they were the bomb.com} and yes, they were kind of lose. But who wants to wear tight jogging pants? I mean that’s just dumb. SO… as we are doing lunges up this hill I found out that these pants aren’t made to bend that way. They kept falling down. It may not seem funny to you but I assure you that my BFF and I have NEVER laughed so hard in our lives!

Moral of the story… my pants fall down. I can’t make this stuff up… but I CAN buy new pants.

For now,