This was what I said EVERY.SINGLE.TIME I read a blog about saving money, making money, paying off debt, etc. I would read these blogs about “How we paid off $40k in 30 minutes”. (Okay, not 30 minutes, but it was so some stupid-ly short amount of time.) The bloggers tips were like sell your rental property (which we own none of), cash in your 401k (which we aren’t going to do), get rid of your boat (we don’t have a boat), sell or rent out your timeshare (and we don’t have that either.) It honestly felt more DIScouraging to read these types of blogs than it did encouraging. To be fair, some posts were encouraging and gave me frugal ideas to stretch my budget, so reading them wasn’t completely in vain. But overall, I just felt like we didn’t have the resources to do what these people did.


I start with that story to say this… you HAVE to make it your own. Simon Cowell would boot people off of American Idol back in the day because they sang the song just like it’s original performer. They never made it “their own” and in turn, they got the boot. That’s my point. Take ideas you read from blogs, on pinterest, in Dave Ramsey (I so love/hate that man) books and flip them to make sense for YOU!

The goal in therapy (i’m in school to be a therapist in case you didn’t read my About Me–shame on you) is to help the client come up with solutions for their problems and tools to help themselves. It’s not my goal as a {one day} therapist to say do this or that. It’s to give the client tools and let them figure it out on their own. (clarify– this is of COURSE to an extent and not someone that is in imminent harm/danger to themselves or anyone else.)

My advice– if you are looking for financial freedom, KEEP LOOKING! Read the books, the blogs, search on Pinterest for frugal ideas, ways to save money, etc. Some will NOT apply to you. {“First thing we did was sell our yacht”– what the what???} But some things WILL apply to you. It is not fair to assume that what worked for someone else will work for you. But it IS fair to say that it may spark interest or an idea in YOU that could transform your finances.

My husband and I have done a complete 180 in our finances for MANY different reasons. I will write about those later. But the whole thing got started by getting fed up with our financial situation and wanting to make changes. Little by little, dollar by dollar, Redbox free code by Redbox free code, we have come around. Stick with it. Don’t say you can’t.

MY steps may not be your steps. But stay tuned. Those steps are coming soon.

Be encouraged.

For now,