Well, clearly I am too cheap (and can’t buy anything anyway currently…read more about that HERE) to purchase these, but I did check them out at my local library. “Interrupted” comes first and then read “7”.

We live in a society (and culture) that puts an emphasis on things. And don’t get me wrong! Things are good. I love things. Things are my favorite. {It’s kinda true}
But I am wanting to be different in the way I live. For the past few years, my husband and I have practiced more of a minimalistic lifestyle. Not to the point of recycling toilet paper, but we ARE trying to not buy “STUFF” as much. It’s been nice. We have had more of a focus on each other, on activities and trips and less on buying things just for the sake of buying things. “Interrupted” totally follows that mindset and uses scripture to back it up. Such a good book.

“7” is a bit more extreme. Of course Jen Hatmaker makes it hilarious and fun to read, but the whole eating 7 foods for one month thing didn’t appeal to me. But one chapter in particular spoke to me. It was the chapter on getting rid of 7 things per day for a month. That’s a lot of things to give away. OR so it seemed…

I enjoy getting rid of stuff. As much as I like to buy stuff it’s almost more fun to get rid of it. I love it when I get rid of stuff. So I figured what the heck? In 20 minutes I had a box for our local Habitat for Humanity store that had 39 things in it. So basically i’m like half-way through with week one!

Maybe you could give it a try? Like I have always said, so many blogs and books on financial peace and living within your means are so extreme, but it’s what YOU take away from it that matters. Take it away and make it your own. I took the “giving away 7 things” challenge upon myself for the heck of it. And let’s face it- I just did our taxes and our donations to charities (even donations of tangible things) helped tremendously this past year! Whether you are doing it to gain a new focus or perspective in your life OR doing it to get a tax right off, i’d suggest giving it a try. (Send me your success stories at

On top of not being able to buy anything (except for these things) until July 1st, I am also getting rid of things and it feels GREAT! I am truly loving it.

For now,