1. glasses
  2. jeans (if I find them on sale. I have 2 pairs and none are hole-less)
  3. swimsuit
  4. work clothes (assuming I go back to work)

I need new glasses. AND I have already made this purchase. Mine were so old I could barely see out of them. {Could have been from all the scratches??}

I have no jeans that do not have holes in them. It’s sad, really. But I rarely wear jeans. However, if I find a good deal I am allowed to buy them!

IF I find a good deal on a few swimsuit (tops only) I can buy those. Mine are several years old and are wearing out. You don’t want to see me in a swimsuit, let a lone one that is ratty and old.

There’s a chance I am going back to work. (and this is a long story… thought I was going back to work, then I wasn’t. Then I got my hopes up on another job, fell throw. Yada yada.) If so, I will need some new work clothes if it’s still wintry/cold outside. I am good on summer work clothes but down south we have a lot less winter clothes… unless you work. And if you work, you tend to have a full 4 season wardrobe. But i’m so far out of the workforce that nothing I have is even from this decade. {exaggeration}

Okay that’s it. I do have the right to modify my own list assuming I can justify each item with logic, reasoning, and financial backing. 🙂

For now,