I’ve been absent for a while. Let me explain…

Grad school is all consuming. 

I went back to work part time. 

I started my internship for Grad School

My husband is traveling a lot 

I’m tired

I’ve had too much to say to say it. 

So- that’s the deal. 

But… I’m back! I don’t know how consistent I can be, but my plan is to be back often. 

I’m starting a new chapter on this blog. It is called “The Liberal Christian”. Here’s what you can expect from this new chapter:

1. MY (not anyone else’s) political views. These political views will be from *you guessed it* a Christian who happens to be liberal. 

2. Grace. Mercy. And love. I’m not doing this so I can blast the other side. I’m not doing this so that I can utilize my 1st amendment right. I’m doing this so that maybe *just maybe* a person who questions how a person could be a Christian AND a democrat may gain insight (not change their mind) into a different viewpoint. 

3. Stories and scriptures that back up my personal political beliefs. 

4. An “open discussion” approach. Disagree with something? Let’s have an intelligent, respectful, discussion about it. Feel the need to berate me and disrespect my beliefs? This is not the place 
I have prayed over this for several days now. I wasn’t afraid to be vocal on social media… I cannot be afraid now. Let’s do this- I’m opening the chapter NOW!