I lost a bet during the 2nd debate

I had bet Donald Trump could make it 15 minutes being a “normal” person.

He made it 8 minutes.

8 whole minutes! He made it 8 minutes before the bantering, disrespectful, misogynous, attitude came out. I lost $10 dollars.

When it comes to Donald Trump being president, I have told my husband he could make it 8 months. 8 whole months before he gives up, says he quits, and realizes the enormous position that being President is. I give him 8 months. I want to note that I said that long before Hillary Clinton lost the election. I have said this for months now.

Today an article was posted on The Washington Post that Trump has already announced he doesn’t want to live at the White House full time.  He has ALREADY said this and he hasn’t even become the next President. I cannot understand this mind set. It’s insane. And therefore– I give him 8 months before he is ready to throw in the towel.

I pray I am wrong, but fear I am right.

8 minutes. Mark my words.