I miss her. Terribly. 

I’m talking about HRC in case you weren’t following

Call me crazy, I don’t care! I truly miss her. 

For years (seemed like it anyway) it was nothing for every news story to contain her name. From the scandals to the delete buttons all the way over to the prediction of her winning- you couldn’t go a day without seeing her in the news. 

I spent part of my vacation last summer watching her accept the nomination at the DNC. I spent countless hours watching her slaughter “him” in the debates. And then literally- she vanished. 

Besides her being seen walking in the woods and shopping in a bookstore she really hadn’t surfaced much. 


Thankfully– my sources (by that I mean google) tell me that is about to change. She is writing a new book {so so excited} and there are two different tv shows being made about her life. Y’all- I miss her but she is coming back! 

She won’t run for president again. She won’t be in politics, I bet. But she will always continue fighting for equality! She will never miss an opportunity to help our country grow and become more progressive. And y’all— I simply cannot wait! 

Watching the story of someone get back up time and time again thrills my soul. Especially when it’s someone I admire. 

Since I started this post 2 days there’s been an amazing video ciriculating from the Women in the World conference. Click below to read the article and watch the clip. 

Hillary speaks So eloquently in this clip. Why is it that women a woman is successful and accomplished her likability goes down? 
Just another Hillary loving gal,

Cara Roxanne