Yesterday is was pouring down rain. Not a steady kind of rain but more of an “holy cow this may drowned us” kind of rain. I left work and had to the grocery store. I’m not even kidding when I say it literally rains every time I pull up in the Kroger parking lot. It never fails!!! 

Anyway, I endured the endless list, swiped the debit card, and got soaking flipping wet while getting to my car and loading allllllll the groceries up. My umbrella broke and somehow managed to slice my hand, get blood on my jeans, all while being freezing cold in soaking wet shoes. 

I called my husband to vent and without laughing he manage to calm me down. I made it home, got it all unloaded and got changed into dry clothes. It was raining so hard I didn’t even check the mail. And for me that’s huge! I love checking the mail. (Weirdo, I know) 

We enjoyed the crockpot lasagna I had started that morning and continued to binge watch “Big Little Lies” (better watch it quick- I only signed up for the 7 day freebie pass). About 7:45 it had stopped raining and I convinced myself and husband that we should take a quick walk while we could. I had that whole food-hangover thing going from the lasagna and it was either walk or sleep. 

We enjoyed a quick walk around the neighborhood (just enough to get my steps in on my Fitbit) and as we were walking towards the front door I remembered I hadn’t checked the mail. 

As neighbor came out to say hi I flipped through the envelopes only to see “the one”. We have our dates for classes!!! (The required ones to adopt) 

There it is. Literally in black and white… the dates and times of our classes. The final BIG step. Boom. There it is. 

Here’s the thing… through my groaning and complaining of wet shoes and broken umbrellas, God hadn’t forgotten about me. He hadn’t forgotten about “our plans” that he is transforming into His will. He knew we wanted dates so desperately and in His time… he gave them to us. He literally said to me “I didn’t forget” 

Here we go! Still a process, still steps to check off, and still tons of waiting… but I needed the reminder that God never forgets about us… and I never have a reason to think otherwise. 

Thanks for being a part of this journey,
Cara Roxanne