I despise not being able to blog a lot.

I could give you 101 reasons WHY I can’t blog like I want to… but I’ll just assure you I intend to do better.

Let’s see… where to start. I’ll start where I feel like most people would want me to. Adoption…

Not much has changed. No progress. We’ve done our part and I guess now we wait? I’m comfortable in the waiting where I once was not. That’s progress, right? I’m okay. I still have moments of impatience but overall we’re in a good place just waiting for that door to open. Prayers are appreciated!

Probably the biggest change is that we are ALL in on Dave Ramseys plan. We’ve done it before and we tend to get frustrated along the way. Not this time!

On a long car ride to my parents house and back I turned on a Dave Ramsey podcast. I’ve been listening to him on occasion but sometimes-he just wears me out. He’s ruined my life before ya know. He sucked the fun out of everything and I kinda love/hate him. But we listened anyway. And then got to talking…

Long car ride full of long discussions=the debt free plan.

Surprisingly we are both on the same page. We mapped out a plan that works for BOTH which had never happened in the past. I’m a saver-he’s a spender. How could this possibly work?

In 6 weeks we have paid off over $2800! Now that’s just a dent in the problem but can I get some hand claps? We got back on the envelope system and have hit the debt snowball with “gazelle like intensity.” It’s been fun and it’s been difficult.

I’ll share specifics in another post on our envelope system and what that looks like.

As a therapist I often have to remind my clients to cling to what works/sticks for them and throw the rest away. I’ve done that with Dave Ramsey and you will do that with me… and that’s okay.

I’ve missed the blog-o-sphere. Glad to be back!

For now,

Cara Roxanne