I long for simplicity. In my schedule, in my life, in my closet! In the past I have given minimalism {with a twist} a try and now I am back at it!

I will never be the girl with one purse and 2 shirts. That’s just not who I am. But I DO want to be the woman with LESS stuff and more meaning. For so many years I felt satisfaction in a full closet. (I know that sounds crazy to some). There was a sense of pride in having so much stuff! It was a family joke that I owned 100 pairs of shoes and 200 purses! It was funny but it was the truth. Over the past few years I have downsized. Partially because a lot of stuff I owned was no longer in style and partially because I began to feel kind of icky when I would become overwhelmed by all the STUFF!

Over time I have realized the panic and anxiety I feel inside regarding stuff. I would spend hours on Pinterest looking for the best solutions to organize my life. And my purse. And my cabinets. You name it and I probably spent precious time looking for the best way to organize it.

Not anymore! I can’t say I walk around my house picking up items while pondering “does this spark joy?” Frankly, I read that book. And I thought it was ridiculous. (Sorry if you loved it. No offense intended) With the exception of family photos or something purchased on a trip most things don’t spark joy. “Awww the tv remote. The memories”. No one does that. But I did begin to question the WHY behind items in my home.

Everyone will give you different questions to ask yourself when simplifying/de-cluttering your life. I personally ask myself: When did I use this last? When will I need it in the future.

That applies to shirts, shoes, pots, pans, gadgets, etc. Most of the time the questions help me instantly decide what to do. If I used it last week and would use it tomorrow- KEEP it! If I haven’t worn it in 3 years and don’t plan to wear it tomorrow-TOSS it. I understand it sounds simple but it’s not always cut and dry. Some things in our life aren’t used often. For example my Christmas t-shirts or my pie cutter. I don’t use them on a regular basis but I value them enough to keep them and not purchase one each holiday or season or every time I bake a pie. But SOME things are worth NOT storing and cluttering my life {or attic} and I will toss them.

For example, today I did away with ALL my leftover wrapping paper. At one time those December 26th bargains made my day! But now I realize it creates more stress and mess so I tossed it all out! 14 half used rolls of Christmas paper. I feel relieved! Sure that means next year I will have to replace it. But on this new path I’m on means I’ll buy 1 roll next year, 1 small roll of name tags and then toss them out. I did the same with gift bags today. Holy cow! I’ve been collecting them for years! I kept a few birthday sacks and 4 Christmas sacks … the other 67 got tossed!

My advice- start somewhere. If you are tired of all the STUFF then find a starting place. Make a list of areas you want to organize. Start somewhere. Only instead of re–organizing your medicine cabinet for the millionth time try ELIMINATING items along the way. It’s such a great feeling.

How is your journey towards simplicity going? I’d love to hear! Comment or email roxyrambles02@gmail.com

Thanks for reading!

For now,

Cara Roxanne