My family is scattered throughout the state of Arkansas and beyond. We decided a few years back that it wasn’t fair to have my middle sister and her fam from South Carolina drive all the way to Arkansas. A half-way point would be Nashville, TN and NOW that is our “home for Christmas”.

All of us together. Exchanging gifts. Watching football. Singing. Eating. And all things family!

Gotta love those teenage nephews!!

My 7 year old niece bought feathers for her hair and of course gave her favorite Aunt one as well… even if it only lasted a moment before she “needed it back.”

While the majority of the fam went to see Star Wars, my husband and I took Ava and my youngest niece to see Coco. Such a good movie!! Go see it!! Beautiful graphics and an amazing message.

Mom and Dad agreed to watch the kiddos so my sisters and I (and our other halves) could go to downtown for a bit. Oh- did I mention it’s 5 degrees here?? Brrrr…

My dad attempted selfies with my niece Lily Grace

And sent us a picture with the caption “proof we are surviving”

We enjoyed lunch, the cold weather, and the sights of Nashville 😍 #ilovedeacon

Thankful for this trip and the time spent with family!! ❤️❤️

Thanks for reading!

For now,

Cara Roxanne