I’ve spent a lot of time on Pinterest and talking with other bloggers/friends regarding the whole concept of a capsule wardrobe. Like I get it- but I’m struggling at the same time.

I completely see the logic in owning less because DUH! That’s what I am working towards!! But I do NOT see the logic (for me personally) in getting rid of clothes I WILL wear but I may not wear all of the time. I have the space. I have it organized and I HAVE downsized tremendously. I have gotten rid of tons of clothing so what is left WILL be worn. I understand that I might feel calmer if I went in my closet and only had 36 items to choose from. BUT I am not going to get rid of clothes that I will wear. 4


**What I wouldn’t give to be THIS simple!!!**

That being said– planning ahead on my outfits has ALWAYS saved me time. My friends laugh at me because my daily calendar that I carry with me at ALL times contains important meetings, bills to pay that day, things to grab on my home, and at the very bottom I have listed what I wore. I did this in high school!! Isn’t that silly? Maybe so-but it works for me. On those crazy weeks when I can’t even tell you the last time I ate or had a calm, brief moment to regroup, I couldn’t tell you what I wore the day before. I have a fear of wearing the same outfit like LEGIT two days in a row due to being so crazy busy that I completely forgot. So, I write it down. That helps me. And I TRY to plan outfits in advance. Sometimes that fails. Weather in Arkansas is NOT predictable in the least so you may have a sundress and sandals planned and it ends up snowing. But planning SOMEWHAT ahead is very helpful.

What I DID do to eliminate some of the “closet dilemma” was this. I took away 8 pairs of pants and 20 shirts. I folded them neatly and put them in the attic in a special bin. I am not getting rid of them BUT this is a great way for me to see if I can make do with a smaller amount of clothes to choose from. I’m not getting rid of them so if I need something I can grab it, OR, I can decide to hang it back up and rotate something else out. That way I have LESS hanging to choose from/look at/get stressed by, but I am not throwing out perfectly good clothes that I will wear at some point.

It wasn’t as easy as I thought. It was SUPER easy to truly get rid of things that I knew I didn’t want to wear anymore. But looking at a closet that only contains items that fit/I like and trying to decide what to put away was difficult.

So I may not have followed the rules precisely, but that is A-ok. For me, this worked! I feel like I have less options which will eliminate some headache but I haven’t gotten rid of something that I will wear in the future. It’s hard to follow everything exactly which is why I ALWAYS say to take away what you can use “and throw away the rest!!!” Not everything you read on Pinterest (or a blog) will work for you so you have to add and adjust to make it fit YOU!

Thanks for reading!

For now,

Cara Roxanne