This will blow your mind. So you might want to sit down and prepare yourself …

Are you ready?



I know it sounds crazy and “out there” but it’s true. My whole family packs their lunch.

When we started this journey back in November we were (by we I mean HE) spending around 35-40 dollars each week on food. God love him… my husband loves food! He is constantly on the road and while he ate “cheap” he ate out (sometimes) for breakfast and lunch. That was adding up and KILLING us!! That was nearly $200 a month that I couldn’t keep track of and I wasn’t counting on. After a come to Jesus meeting regarding his eating habits he finally agreed to pack his lunch. He still gets $40 a month for food while traveling but I can honestly say he ends up with a LOT of carry-over each month.

We smoke a ham once a month. He will make sandwiches out of that (it’s cheaper than lunch meat, healthier and way better!). He packs his cooler (he eats so much!! 😂😂) with his sandwiches, apple, banana, chips, granola bar and waters every night. I’m so proud! This was a HUGE change!!

But for us it means paying off an additional $2400 per year or paying for a trip! When you look at it THAT way it puts it into perspective. That small change has made a huge difference in our finances and probably in his health!

I have good options on hand. He won’t keep doing it if I only have peanut butter and jelly as an option 😂 But if I continue to purchase good options he will faithfully pack that red cooler each night.

What small change can YOU make to have an impact on your finances?

Thanks for reading!

For now,

Cara Roxanne