“It’s just SO time consuming” 

“Seriously…UNenroll Me!” 

The Year Without a Purcha$e- Book Review and Ramble 

But I “can’t” do that

I am on a break!

Step by Step 

What I CAN buy while i’m on a break

Void where prohibited 

The Grocery Store Dilemma 

Debt Snowball for Dummies

Don’t Judge Yourself 

Cheap Pants Make me Happy 

You got MAD skills 

Where do we even begin?

Waste not, want not

Summer is for travel!

Trippin’ on a dime

Its been a while 

Starts with a B


Going through the Big D

To keep or toss

Biggest Wastes of my Money in 2017 

Drum Roll Please 

Because Dave told me so 

Living my life backwards 

Living the frugal life-kids perspective


Frugal Flyer