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Waste not, want not

I hate WASTE!

It makes me sick to my stomach to dump out a half a can of Sprite that I find upstairs. Like, in all honesty, it bugs me 1000% more than it should. I really wish I didn’t get bugged by waste as much as I do… but I just do. (ANYONE else that way??)

Last week I decided to try Emeals. {Link added for YOUR benefit. They aren’t paying me}. It was recommended by Dave Ramsey [whom I have a love/hate relationship with] and since he recommends that you not spend a dime EVER, I figured it was worth looking into. It’s actually pretty cool! You pick your “Style” so to speak and from that comes a list of 7 meals with <BEST PART EVER> a grocery list!! HALLELUJAH! I couldn’t turn down this opportunity to save money, have 7 new recipes to try and a grocery list premade for me. So far I have cooked 2 meals and they were fantastic!!

But here’s the kicker… yesterday I walked in the kitchen after church and one of the Roma tomatoes that I had to buy for a recipe was covered in mold. {insert scary emoji}I instantly felt that sick feeling from knowing I had wasted something!!! UGH!!! Not only did I waste something but now when it is time to cook THAT meal that required THAT tomato… I have to go BACK to the store.

Why God, WHY?!?!?!?!?!

Ok so I will attempt to turn down the drama. But here’s the deal… I don’t like wasting things and I am reaching out for YOUR help. In this scenario of the veggies going bad before I could use them… what do I do?

  1. Go to the grocery every few days?
  2. Freeze stuff?? (I mean can you freeze tomatoes?)
  3. Quit cooking healthy meals
  4. Have Amazon prime deliver veggies (do they DO that?)
  5. Just get over it….

Wasting stuff MAKES. ME. CRAZY. And nobody needs a crazy lady on their hands.

Having good intentions of saving money, time, cooking healthy meals, etc., gets RUINED when things go to waste. How do YOU do it? Please and THANK YOU!

A frustrated lover of NOT wasting things,

Cara Roxanne


“I didn’t forget” 

Yesterday is was pouring down rain. Not a steady kind of rain but more of an “holy cow this may drowned us” kind of rain. I left work and had to the grocery store. I’m not even kidding when I say it literally rains every time I pull up in the Kroger parking lot. It never fails!!! 

Anyway, I endured the endless list, swiped the debit card, and got soaking flipping wet while getting to my car and loading allllllll the groceries up. My umbrella broke and somehow managed to slice my hand, get blood on my jeans, all while being freezing cold in soaking wet shoes. 

I called my husband to vent and without laughing he manage to calm me down. I made it home, got it all unloaded and got changed into dry clothes. It was raining so hard I didn’t even check the mail. And for me that’s huge! I love checking the mail. (Weirdo, I know) 

We enjoyed the crockpot lasagna I had started that morning and continued to binge watch “Big Little Lies” (better watch it quick- I only signed up for the 7 day freebie pass). About 7:45 it had stopped raining and I convinced myself and husband that we should take a quick walk while we could. I had that whole food-hangover thing going from the lasagna and it was either walk or sleep. 

We enjoyed a quick walk around the neighborhood (just enough to get my steps in on my Fitbit) and as we were walking towards the front door I remembered I hadn’t checked the mail. 

As neighbor came out to say hi I flipped through the envelopes only to see “the one”. We have our dates for classes!!! (The required ones to adopt) 

There it is. Literally in black and white… the dates and times of our classes. The final BIG step. Boom. There it is. 

Here’s the thing… through my groaning and complaining of wet shoes and broken umbrellas, God hadn’t forgotten about me. He hadn’t forgotten about “our plans” that he is transforming into His will. He knew we wanted dates so desperately and in His time… he gave them to us. He literally said to me “I didn’t forget” 

Here we go! Still a process, still steps to check off, and still tons of waiting… but I needed the reminder that God never forgets about us… and I never have a reason to think otherwise. 

Thanks for being a part of this journey,
Cara Roxanne 

A few of my Favorite things

First of all, one would be THAT song. Gotta love “The Sound of Music.”

But really… in keeping with the whole “let’s keep life light and fun and not stress about how there is NO progress with our adoption” I figured I should write about things that I DO like.

Mary Kay. So about two years ago I had the priviledge of meeting a very spunky and vivacious lady that I now call my friend. She was doing some research and my name had been given as a “strong female” to interview. Come to find out she also sells Mary Kay. Not in the pushy type of way, but it’s what she does. She introduced me to a WHOLE new world of makeup. I was the girl that never knew what I was doing but pretended to the best of my ability. I have good skin (not bragging if it’s a fact– and that is due to my Indian heritage transferred down through my beautiful Granny Hitt) but she made it even better! She gave me some good products to use (as if my dollar store Neutrogena knock offs weren’t good) and I fell in love.

I LOVE MK’s: Timewise skin products, eyeliner pen, foundation, primer and bronzer. Those are MUST have’s!

mary kay

Younique mascara. Yes this goes against my love for MK but I seriously do not know of a better mascara. LOVE it. And combine it with my Mk eye primer it will last LEGIT all day.


Coconut water. I can’t say enough about this stuff. This stuff keeps me going when I cannot have my hot tea.

coconut water

Candles. I could spend $100 bucks on candles and still feel like I need more. I once had a person tell me that you should always have a candle burning. And I agree.


Apples. I probably eat 10 pounds of apples a week. NO lie. And don’t judge me. And If you know of some new found “apples will kill you eventually” theory, please do not share it with me. PLEASE!


Board games. I LOVE games. I mean really, I love to win them, but I sure do love them.


The Library. Any library. I love visiting a town and going into their library. The smell, the options, the old stuff, the new stuff. I simply LOVE it all. And the people!!!!!! Best place to people watch…ever. Hands down!


Non-fiction, self help books. I have read books on “Finding Joy in cleaning your house”. Okay so that’s not exactly what it’s called but that was the premise. I mean was it the best book ever? No…but I did have a take away. I love random books where is something to be learned from it. Now don’t get me wrong, I can get down with a good Nicholas Sparks love story book, but I would much rather read a self-help book. Maybe that’s why I’m a counselor? Hmmm….


Songs that you have never heard. I’m the girl whose favorite songs were never released on the radio. They were song #7 on the bonus track that came in the 2 pack special from Target. Those are the songs I like. The one’s that maybe aren’t “Catchy” enough for air time, but actually have substance, and acoustics, and none repetitive phrases.


Live theatre. There is nothing like it. Talent. Raw, sweaty (literally had swept thrown on me from being so close to the front of the stage) authentic performances. Now THAT is something I can enjoy over and over. I once sat on the front row of Les Miserables performance and the “pick pockets” threw a wallet that landed on me. Handing it back to the actor was one of the highlights of my life.


So… there ya go! Just a few things about me and some things that I keep a part of my life. Keep it light. Keep it fluffy. Keep it simple.

Thanks for reading,

Cara Roxanne

National siblings day 

In honor of National Siblings Day…

Meet Erica and Sarah

Erica, me and Sarah

Erica is the oldest. She’s 11 years older than me. Sarah is in the middle and she’s 7 years older than me

I love being the baby!!

Anyway— here’s what you should know. Erica is married and has 4 step children and a grand baby. She’s a teacher, a lover of all things old school gospel music, plays a million instruments either by ear or by reading music, and weird things happen to her. She’s been locked in bathrooms, had a squirrel in her house, and may not like to admit that she needs me. Oh yea and we live in the same town. So when she’s on the toilet and is out of TP she will call me. True story. It happened. She was like a second mom to me. Both good and bad. She used to take me for dates when I was younger and I soaked up every minute of it. She’s a neat freak and she’s super organized. She’s also a heck of a lot of fun

Sarah lives 12 hours away in South Carolina with her husband of forever many years (like nearly 20) and their 4 kids. She’s a saint. She works out at like 4 am every day, is a personal trainer while also being an amazing cook, health guru and pastors wife. She’s my go to for nearly everything. She’s always available and I cherish our phone calls. She truly is one of the kindest people that I know. I don’t know how she does it all. 

I’m super thankful today and every day for these two ladies I get to call my sisters! Just think how sad they would have been without me!!!! 

Here’s the whole fam! 

Whew– me and that blonde hair! 

Awwww! They loved me even when I still looked like an alien!

Me and Sarah! 

I’m thankful my sis Erica lives in Hot Springs. I take for granted that I can see whenever I want! 
So there ya go– that’s my family! Good thing none of us look alike! (Hahahahaha) 

Thanks for reading,

Cara Roxanne 

Hope… it’s kind of our thing 

I grew up in a Christian home and attending church. I heard sermons about Hope and sang songs about Hope. It wasn’t until I was much older that I began to understand the depths of that word. 

In one of the dark times in my life I was struggling with infertility. If you have been there than you can totally feel me on this. And if you haven’t, say a prayer of thankfulness. There is such pain and despair that come from suffering with infertility. I truly had lost Hope. I was angry at God and with myself. I felt like less of a woman and I felt like no one understood. Thinking back on those times make me so sad. I hurt for where I was and I’m thankful I’m not there now 

Don’t get me wrong… I’m not fertile now!! But I don’t “suffer” if that makes sense. One day, on January 3rd of 2008 to be exact, it all made sense. God was preparing to be a mommy. Just now in the way I had always planned. 

When I met my daughter I fell in love. She was mine. And I knew God had given her to me. She already knew her name so we never questioned changing it but we did change her middle name… to Hope. The hope that had left me had returned and Hope sure is beautiful. 

Today I sit here wondering what in the world is going on with this adoption process. I’ve sent emails and phone calls and all I get back is that “we are waiting to fit you guys into a class”. Well hurry it up!!! I didn’t say that… not yet anyway. I’m trying to not get upset and I’m truly trying to do the things I failed today the first time. The first time I was trying to become a parent I missed all the lessons. I felt like they were punishments. I missed out on what God may be trying to show me. And I don’t want to do that again. 

My heart isn’t “heavy” but it’s anxious. But this I know…. God makes all things beautiful in his time. And God, while you are making things beautiful– make me beautiful in you, too. Show me what I can do to be better prepared this time around. Show me what I need to work on and things I need to fix in me so that I can be a better wife and mother. And oh Father— Thank you for HOPE! 

Thank you walking this journey with us,

Cara Roxanne 

My Strange Addictions

That was the best show TLC ever had.

Tell me you saw it? People with strange addictions. One lady out couch cushions. Like legit ate couch cushions. One guy pretended to be a baby like 18 hours out of the day. One lady ate rocks. I mean- you can’t make this stuff up!

Every time my husband and I watched that show we would begin talking about our own “strange” things that we do. While nothing we do would warrant a television crew following our every move for a week, we still have our own odd things. Feel free to share yours too!

My strange addictions: (and that is SUCH a strong word…)

Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2.

I never, I repeat NEVER miss an episode of either of those shows. I have been watching these girls for my entire adult life and I cannot get enough. Whew it makes for good tv. 🙂 My husband laughs at me because I know so much about them. I know I know… i’m almost 33 years old. But I just CANNOT stop watching! I flipped out 2 weeks on a Monday (duh) night. I had class and was coming home to watch a THREE HOUR finale that included the first half of the checkup with Dr. Drew. I sat down and clicked Play and …. nothing. I kept getting this weird red dot in the corner of my screen as if my DVR was trying to tell me something. After spending an hour talking to Dish and trying everything they could think of the dude finally said “Your box is shot. We will be out in 2 days to replace it.” DID THAT STOP ME? Hecks no. I downloaded that MTV app as fast as I could and watched the whole dang thing… because THAT is how it’s done. My husband’s face when he realized it hadn’t recorded was priceless. He was treading lightly. I got an awful lot of “i’m so sorry babe. We can catch up I promise.” Seriously–don’t mess with my TM and TM2, dish.

Spoonfulls of Peanut Butter

It is a normal day for there to be like 6-10 spoons in our sink. I mean come on, I don’t double dip! I have a scoop of peanut butter entirely too many times a week to count but let’s just say if you have invested in Jiffy over the years– you’re welcome. Now it’s not only me but my daughter who does it too. And it gets worse… one of my best friends saw me grab a teaspoon full of PB a few weeks ago and yelled “THAT’S where he got it??!!!” Apparently her child has spent enough time at our house that he picked it up too. Is this where I appropriately say hashtag sorry not sorry?!?! 🙂

Early Bedtimes

I have been like this my entire life. My name is Cara (pronounced Car<like the thing you drive> uh) and I am named after my Great grandmother who name was Carra (pronouned the same way but spelled better.) My parents thought that by taking out an “R” it would look more like how it is pronounced. Hashtag THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN!!! Anyway– Carra went by the loving name of Mama Cantrell to all of her grandbabies. Mama Cantrell had a reputation for wanting it dark and quiet when she went to bed and she had no problem telling people to keep it down or leave. I was very young the first time someone called me “Mama Cantrell.” I didn’t get it. As I got older I can remember people saying to my parents “Y’all sure did name her right.” Finally I got old enough to piece it together and ask my mom why people always said I was just like her. My mom told me about Mama Cantrell was and how she didn’t mind telling people to be quiet and how she’d go to bed even with a house full of company. I guess everyone was right–they DID name me well. If I invite you over for dinner and games and we’ve eaten and played 4 games…i’ve done my part… good night. That’s just how I roll. Nothing personal but I sure do love my sleep. Night night.


This is the only chore I don’t hate. In fact, I look forward to it. I would dust my house every day if I had the time and energy. Something about the smell of pledge and the soft cloth and the way the furniture looks after it’s been dusted… awwww…. I found my happy place again! I absolutely love dusting. Because of this fact I have a hard time NOT noticing when other people don’t feel the same way. I don’t MEAN to notice just like people don’t MEAN to notice that they are a better cook than me… they just do. That’s me with dusting. It’s my thing. I can be ready to go to bed and have the lights off and i’ll literally get OUT of bed to dust my nightstand. Drives my husband crazy but at least our furniture is dusted…

Hot tea

Hot tea is my favorite. Mugs for my hot tea make me happy. A new flavor of tea makes me super happy. Having tea at home and then going out to our favorite coffee shop to get more tea makes me SUPER happy. I can’t get enough. I have an enormous collection of tea. Need something to give you a boost- got you covered. Need something to calm your stomach- got that too. Need to get your bowels working- I can hook you up. Need to feel festive- I got it all. TEA is my FAV!. End of story.

Vaseline on my hands and feet

Vaseline on my feet followed by fuzzy socks makes me happy. Especially if I have just watched Teen Mom, dusted, drank some tea and had a big ol scoop of PB. It’s like the best way to end the day. Vaseline on my hands is awesome too BUT this can only truly be enjoyed if my husband is there to handle the remote situation. Every time I put Vaseline on my hands then turn the volume up on the tv someone *clears throat* gripes about how slick it is. My response “but I have soft skin so… you’r welcome.” Try it. It’s awesome.

So maybe to you I am a big ol’ weirdo. I’m cool with that. Maybe you do these same things and i’m just ordinary to you. That’s okay as well. Bottom line is this– we may not eat couch cushions or drink bleach in our coffee, but we ALL have some weird habit in our lives that other’s can get a kick out of.

Hoping I haven’t scared you off,

Cara Roxanne

Simply put…

I miss her. Terribly. 

I’m talking about HRC in case you weren’t following

Call me crazy, I don’t care! I truly miss her. 

For years (seemed like it anyway) it was nothing for every news story to contain her name. From the scandals to the delete buttons all the way over to the prediction of her winning- you couldn’t go a day without seeing her in the news. 

I spent part of my vacation last summer watching her accept the nomination at the DNC. I spent countless hours watching her slaughter “him” in the debates. And then literally- she vanished. 

Besides her being seen walking in the woods and shopping in a bookstore she really hadn’t surfaced much. 


Thankfully– my sources (by that I mean google) tell me that is about to change. She is writing a new book {so so excited} and there are two different tv shows being made about her life. Y’all- I miss her but she is coming back! 

She won’t run for president again. She won’t be in politics, I bet. But she will always continue fighting for equality! She will never miss an opportunity to help our country grow and become more progressive. And y’all— I simply cannot wait! 

Watching the story of someone get back up time and time again thrills my soul. Especially when it’s someone I admire. 

Since I started this post 2 days there’s been an amazing video ciriculating from the Women in the World conference. Click below to read the article and watch the clip. 

Hillary speaks So eloquently in this clip. Why is it that women a woman is successful and accomplished her likability goes down? 
Just another Hillary loving gal,

Cara Roxanne 

I’m a Grazer


Yep- that’s me. I graze just like cows do.

About 5 years ago, pre Whole 30 days, I read an article that talked about eating throughout the day vs. eating 3 meals a day. Something clicked in me that day and I have pretty much done that ever since. I have many friends that laugh at me about always having food with me. It’s true! Now that I’m a grazer, I can’t undo it!

I pretty much eat every 1.5-2 hours without fail. When I was strictly a Grad student and wasn’t working {beyond the work of being a GRAD STUDENT} it was pretty easy. I mean there I was AT HOME and could just walk in the kitchen every few hours and grab something to eat. But being a working woman again has made it challenging. Therefore, planning ahead is ESSENTIAL for me.

If you saw how full my lunch box is on any given day you would probably laugh.

Today’s Whole 30 approved grazing is as follows:

1- strawberries

2- banana

3- apple (Fuji baby!!! love those)

4- raisins

5- 2 pieces of turkey breast lunch meat

6- Avacado. already peeled, cut in half and sprinkled with pepper

7- Larabar. (that’s for mid afternoon… save the best for last, right?)

8- Peaches. (store bought and prepackaged. Probably not the best option but I buy light syrup and I drain it. Sure i’m getting SOME sugar, but not a ton)

9- cashews

That should allow me to survive until I can get home and have a salad at 4:30. That salad will suffice til I can eat dinner!

I don’t eat after 7 pm. Unless I cut up an apple or eat a small of raisins.

So ya see- I’m a grazer. When I attempted this way of eating years ago I instantly dropped some pounds. I am currently not using this way of eating to lose weight, but it does help me to maintain. And frankly, at this point, I wouldn’t know how to do it any other way.

If I DO get a weird stomach cramp or pain I can narrow it down easily and figure out the culprit. Thankfully, when I eat clean like this that doesn’t happen very often!

Thanks for following the journey,

Cara Roxanne

Whole FLIPPIN’ 30


I’m doing it. again.

You read that right.

I did amazing the first time. I mean not really, but in hindsight that’s how I remember it. But the truth is it was horrible. I hated it. BUT…

For those 30 days I had NO stomach issues. Zilch. Nada. Not even with all those salads. I mean come on, between the salad and fruit you would assume I never left the bathroom, but I didn’t. I felt good. I slept good. I WAS good.

Well– over the past month my stomach issues have started creeping back up. I mean I had some really good take aways from the Whole 30  and I have applied those, but overall I am back to eating how I normally eat. Which is pretty good. And pretty healthy. And pretty full of GLUTEN.

I think that’s the culprit. So let me clarify. I am doing the WHOLE 30 BC (I do a lot of things BC… that means “By Cara”) This Whole 30 I will allow myself a probiotic yogurt every other day. I honestly believe that helps my stomach and I don’t know of any adverse affects I have had from it. So I am keeping that.

Also I am allowing myself a FEW (still undecided on what exactly) gluten free products. That’s so NOT the way to Whole 30 it by the book, but again this is BC. So….

No cheese.

No sugar. (other than a very VERY rare case like being somewhere and all that’s offered is cookies and i’m starving. And even then it is ONE.)

No milk no icecream= no problem. I don’t like either.

No GLUTEN! (no bread no grains no oats)

No corn (that kills my stomach… that means no movies. I can’t see a movie without popcorn)


Maybe this will help me decide once and for all if it’s gluten. Sigh.

Here we flippin’ go again!


I have no clue why you would want to follow this journey but thank you,

Cara Roxanne

P.S. The only reason there is a HEART around the word WHOLE 30 is because I couldn’t find one with the NO sign on it.

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