“Where have you been? I’ve looked for you forever and a day…”

Well I highly doubt you have looked me forever and a day, but I HAVE been missing. And I shall explain.

I went back to work. ┬áPlain and simple. I added work to my already crazy schedule of having a family and being in graduate school. I know… i’m crazy.

Actually being back at work has been wonderful for me. (except that my time to blog has virtually vanished). Going back to work has given me a purpose in each day and has allowed me to feel like I am contributing to my family. I understand that me going to school, and keeping the household running is totally contributing, but you know what I mean… that feeling of knowing you are making a difference financially.

So anyway, that is where I have been. I have so much to say… I have been continuing to write down anything “blog worthy” and I am now more full of stories than ever being back out in the “working with the public” world. Oh Lord… people are crazy.

Enjoy your Easter weekend. He is Risen, and we can celebrate.

For Now,