Because my husband is so wonderful… I got to stop by The Clinton House Museum yesterday.

My husband had to go to Fayetteville for business and I tagged along. My best friend lives there (what what) and I never pass up a chance to see her. It just so happens that her wedding is in 2 months and I still needed to find my bridesmaid dress. It was one of those “win win” trips!!
After a few days of the hubs working, me shopping and girl talking, it was time to head home. It was freezing cold, snowing and we were starving. Finally I decided what I wanted to eat so we prepared to take the next exit.
Wait what???? “Babe- that sign says The Clinton House Museum is on this exit.”

Hubs: “On it”

He hunted it down and in the freezing cold, let me walk around, take some pics, and stand in awe! 

This is my favorite picture for many reasons. First of all, it’s funny. Second of all, it’s so NOT how things really are. Lastly, people think this is how it is!

Here’s the deal– my husbands a republican {GASP}. People assume because we are on different sides of the spectrum that he simply endures things like this. Clearly he would not have stopped there on his own. He did it for me. But ya know what? The Clinton’s are from Arkansas!! That is our home state. We are proud that we have the Clinton’s and Walmart. (Outside of that we have: the rebel flag, toothless individuals, mullets, and Huckabee) We are proud of our State and the positive attributes it has to offer. This picture has become our “go to” when it involves something Clinton or Democrat. But the truth is… this photo couldn’t be further from the truth. He thought the house was cool too. He thinks its cool that they taught at our beloved U of A, and he thinks its cool that I love the Clinton’s.

Worth the stop for sure. They {Bill and Hill} have come so far. From the tiny house across from the U of A, to the White House… they have had amazing careers. I stand in awe.

That’s just simply how it is,




**Side note– the “featured image” at the top…. I WAS THERE !!!!! That’s a photo I borrowed off of Goggle but I was there that night!! what what?!?!?!**