Date nights are crucial! 💏

Going on this debt free journey has forced to examine (and re-examine a billion times) our budget. Looking for ways to squeeze money out and pour into debt. BUT- we refused to be so intentional with our money that we forgot to be intentional with each other. is the way to go! (No-they aren’t paying me nor do I get any benefit from writing this). Download the app, sign up and wait for your card. Check your area for which theaters accept it. I live in small town Arkansas and there are 13 theaters within 45 miles that accept it. So don’t worry about that!!

You sign up at 9.95 a month per person. $19.90 for two people. You get a card in the mail that looks like a debit card. When you are inside the theater you check in, pick your movie and then walk up and order your ticket. The money is automatically on your card! We’ve gone to evening shows and matinees are the money is SPOT on!

Every year around November we purchase the refillable popcorn bucket. Our date nights now are $11.72. That’s a regular size drink (refillable at our theater) and the refill of popcorn.

We are movie lovers! It’s our go to date but it’s so costly we haven’t gone much lately. Now- we are BACK! If you go to one movie a month you have paid for it! But if you can go multiple times?? Whoa baby! What a deal and a fun date!

Comment with any questions. Thanks for reading!

For now,

Cara Roxanne