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My “Thank You” to Hillary Rodham Clinton

It’s a long shot… but maybe somehow she CAN see this letter.

Madam Secretary,

Before I say anything, I owe you an apology. You probably wouldn’t remember, but I met you back in 1992. You and Chelsea came to the {then} Excelsior Hotel in Little Rock, AR. I was in 2nd grade and my choir had been asked to sing at an event you were attending. I’m sorry to say that I don’t know why exactly you were there. {Surely the fact that I was so young excuses me on this}. What I remember was my choir singing a few songs for you, one of which I had the solo in. When it was over, you were standing by the door greeting guests as they left. You bent down to greet some of my classmates and then looked at me. You walked over to me and said “And what a pretty voice you have, young lady.” I smiled as I observed you in a red suit with a black headband and a pony tail. <Here’s where the apology comes in> I looked at you and said “Thank you but my parents didn’t vote for your husband.”

*Face Palm*

You didn’t change anything about your face or your posture. You simply smiled and semi-laughed and said “Well that’s ok.”

I got in some trouble for that comment. My choir teacher over heard and when we made the trip back to Arkadelphia to be picked up by our parents, my teacher told my mom. She was so embarrassed and reminded me “You don’t have to say everything you know!”

I can’t say that we got into a political discussion on the way home, but I can say that you made quite the impression on me. I have many women in my life that I have always been able to look up to and admire, but in that brief moment, you made a lasting impact on me.

Flash forward many moons and here we are. I write this from my middle class home on my middle class couch while my husband and I stream from the CBS app to our tv the show “Madam Secretary.” I have heard you were part of the inspiration behind this show, by the way.  I sit here with a flood of emotions as I try to digest what has happened over the past year. If I feel this way, I can’t even begin to fathom how you feel.

Please know this: You fought hard and we couldn’t be more proud of you!

You listened when we talked. You heard our hearts. You cared about what the American people were saying. You kept your head held high when it would have been easier to just not show up. You inspired me through your courage to stand tall through many tough situations. You kept it classy when your opponent couldn’t even define that word. You represented ME and so many others like me.

You lit a fire in me that hasn’t gone out. You inspired me to get involved in my community in hopes of making a difference. You have given me a clear picture of what it means to “never give up.” You have helped me to see my worth as a woman and to hold myself to a different standard. It is because of YOU, Madam Secretary, that I, the person who has gone on record in saying the phrase “History is boring”, is now spending time doing something I should have done a LONG time ago- understand our country’s history. You have inspired me to do so many things I can’t even put into words. I feel like the fire you lit inside of me through your determination, your dignity and your poise, is something that may change the course of my life.

I was inspired when I read your book “Hard Choices” three years ago… and I have been inspired every single time I watched you on a debate or an interview. I cried happy tears when you spoke at the DNC last summer. My husband and I were on vacation in Mexico when you walked on stage to give your speech accepting the nomination. With the patio door open and the cool Puerto Vallarta breeze coming in, I sat on the edge of our bed and cried through smiles as you vivaciously accepted the nomination. Our friends laughed when got back home and I told them that watching YOU on tv was the best part of vacation.

I admire you for so many things, Secretary Clinton, but most of all I admire you for your heart. From debates on tv to watching you live in Little Rock two years ago at the Democratic Convention dinner, I become so inspired from hearing you speak. Please don’t stop speaking. Things ended poorly and I am beyond disappointed, but if I thought this has silenced you for good, I would be heartbroken.

Please get back out there! Your “God given talent” is to inspire, and you do it so well. You truly have inspired me to “Never stop believing that fighting for what’s right is worth it.” And I KNOW that what is right is for you to continue the good fight. Somehow, in some capacity, I beg of you please continue to fight.

And to you, Madam Secretary, I humbly say… thank you.

With much respect,

Cara Roxanne Matthews

If you don’t get the March… 

I understand that many people are confused about the March that happened this weekend. I can understand your confusion to a certain point. The way I see it is if I do not understand something I try to seek out information so that I can understand it. So many people would rather just say “I don’t understand something” and judge something without trying to understand it. Let me see if I can break this down for you.


A few things I want to point out first

#1- I did not go to the March this weekend.It was not because I did not want to, but because I had to work. If I did not have to work I would’ve been at the one here in Little Rock, Arkansas.

#2- While I personally believe that the March was a great way for many people to voice their concern and to come together as a unified body, I also think there are other things that could have been done and should be done.

Here is what happened in MY opinion and from MY perspective. Don’t attack me or start a war with me. I’m not saying that I have everything 100% correct and I definitely don’t have things accurate from your perspective, but these are the way that I see things and how I try to explain it to people that have asked me what the heck is going on with this March.

1- We {women} almost shattered the glass ceiling. We almost had Hillary Rodham Clinton as the first female president in the history of the United States of America. And by almost had it I mean she had more votes than our current president Donald Trump. For many women, having a female president doesn’t really mean anything to them and they don’t see the value in having a female president. But for many of us it was all we could live, think, breath we almost had Hillary Rodham Clinton as the first female president in the history of the United States of America. And by almost had it I mean she had more votes than our current president Donald Trump. For many women, having a female president doesn’t really mean anything to them and they don’t see the value in having a female president. But for many of us it was all we could live, think, breathe, and pray about for months. Women have yet to be represented in this country by female president while so many other countries have already made that leap into having females in the highest power in their country. We almost had it and it didn’t happen. And I don’t want to leave out the part about how much people like Hillary Clinton. (Many) Women in this world connected with her and felt like she was the perfect female to lead our country as the very first woman president of the United States of America.

2- so now you have a lot of people in this country (I’m talking women here) Who are devastated and heartbroken over the fact that we were this close to having a female president and it did not happen. And now these heartbroken individuals have a president elect who has talked so poorly of women and has used vulgar and derogatory terms to describe women. We have had to hear our now president Donald Trump talk about how when you have power and money you can grope a woman if you want to.

3- now you have to look at the fact that the new president wants to stop Planned Parenthood and is being very vocal about what he thinks should happen to women who choose to have an abortion. I’m not going into my personal beliefs on this matter in this particular post, but this is a factor that played into this March that took place. If you are not pro-choice, you may be blind sided to the good (non abortion) aspects of Planned Parenthood. I’m not saying it’s perfect and I’m not saying changes shouldn’t be made to the funding process. But don’t lose sight of the good because you don’t like the bad.

4- “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” That’s one way to put it but my papa Joe always said “the right nothing meaner than a mean woman.” I believe that’s true 🙂 if you want to make a mistake and be miserable, any man knows all you have to do is make a woman mad. Every single man in the world knows that. Yet Donald Trump managed to make a large portion of the females in this country very angry.

In case that got too wordy or you did not follow what I was saying I’m going to break it down very small for you.

1. We like Hillary

2. She almost won. She was so so close to being the first female president.

3. She lost to a man who talked about using power to be able to do anything he wants to towards a woman.

4. He decided to take on PP and was vocal about his thoughts on birth control not being free, abortion being jail worthy, and made comments about a woman “being on her.. whatever”

5. All of the above made women mad and they chose to band together in protest. Mad women can take over the world! <or at least try>

I understand that you still may not get it. And I don’t know that I’m the person that could explain it to you. I also think that if you are pro trump you may never get it. And that’s OK. That’s the thing here people, we don’t have to get one another fully to be respectful and to be kind. I’m not quite sure how many times I have to mention in my blog that my husband and I are on opposite sides of the party lines. That being said, thankfully, he did not vote for Donald Trump. But he is a Republican through and through. We are married, have a wonderful marriage, have a great conversation and so much fun together and we do not disrespect each other. So when I put something on Facebook that I find humorous and someone comment something tacky I can’t help but wonder “what is their problem”?

Live in harmony. If you aren’t for the March, please don’t March. If you are for the March, March your ass off. If you are anti-protest please do not protest anything. If you are for protesting then please protest with all of your might and give it 100%. If you are not for abortion please do not have an abortion. If you are not for taking birth control by all means please do not take it. If you do not understand something and it literally keeps you up at night I ask you wholeheartedly to please seek out the information that you need to gain an understanding. And remember this… understanding something doesn’t mean you change your personal opinion. When people can grasp that an understanding of something does not mean that your mind has to be changed we can truly begin to love each other the way we are called to do. Whether you believe in God or you do not, you need to be kind and loving to your neighbor. And I am the worlds biggest smart elec but please do not take the word neighbor and tell me you live out in the country. You know what that phrase means and you know that means to simply be kind to each other.

That’s why people were mad enough to march. If it doesn’t seem like enough to you then it’s probably a good thing you didn’t go.

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