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What I learned from a 21 day social media fast

1. It wasn’t as hard as I anticipated it being

Like I was pretty freaked out thinking it was going to be so difficult! I pumped myself up with pep talks. And then-BOOM! The day came to give it up and it wasn’t that bad. Then it became super easy. And now I’m debating on social media moving forward.

2. Facebook will email you if you take a break

It’s insane! I got emails from Facebook that said “______ just updated their status.” “_____ added a new photo”. I think FB was freaking out that I was like dead or something.

3. No one noticed I was gone

I guess I shouldn’t say that. But the truth is that the people I most closely “follow” {makes me sound like a stalker} are people I see or talk to on a regular basis. I did hop onto FB and instagram this morning and after about 30 seconds on each, I shut it down. I realized that I felt overwhelmed by all the photos, words and videos. I have NOT missed that. But my point is that the world kept on going. People continued to live their lives and post about it. No harm in that! But was my social media presence truly missed? Not at all. That’s something to chew on, isn’t it?

4. We are a vain society aren’t we?

Over the past 21 days I have taken less photos. I still went and did some cool stuff but I didn’t document it by a photo. Isn’t that strange? Perhaps it is because I wasn’t going to be posting it for others? That is sad! It hit me that we as a society are kinda vain. Gosh- that includes me!! I don’t like having that realization.

5. I felt less stressed

Mentioned above, but it is so true! I didn’t feel pressure to check in to a restaurant. I wore less makeup. Perhaps because I wasn’t going to be posting any pics? I’m sure you are well away of our “frugal” lifestyle and financial changes. We had several days that we STAYED HOME! Didn’t go and do anything special. Just legit played board games and watched Hulu reruns. If I had been on social media on those days [i feel strongly] I would have felt down. I would have seen other families/couples out doing cool stuff while we sat at home vowing not to spend a dime. I would have felt pressure AND temptation to get off track. Talk about stress!

6. I take less pictures

That part makes me sad. I did take a few–I’m still ME! But not near as many as I would have without the hiatus from social media. We went with our friends on a hike in the National Park here in Hot Springs. It was cold, but perfect at the same time. We all stopped and watched a chipmunk for a few minutes. I had never seen one that close! I chose not to document it with photos. {regretting that now}. But the point is that I just experienced it. There’s a lot to be said for that.

7. We use social media for everything!!

I was trying to remember the name of a store I love down on the River Market in Little Rock. We went there yesterday and stayed the night {on hotel points! Promise!!} yesterday and I wanted to run into my store. I knew I followed them on Instagram but couldn’t recall the name. Man- we use social media for so much!! One of the places we went had a sign for a discount if you “check in” on Facebook. I wasn’t buying anything so it was fine but even discounts come through social media!

8. Traffic on my blog was down

Without the occasional “here’s my new post” on social media, I saw a slight decline in traffic. Kinda hurt my feelings! Like come on- I have to remind you to read this?? (Totally Jk) Social media CAN be a good thing!

9. I kinda enjoyed the privacy

It was interesting to realize that no one knew what was going on in my life. And I liked it! Social media provides open doors for conversations such as “how was dinner last night? We’ve been wanting to go there.” That type of stuff happens to me a lot. And I love it because I love people and it provides small talk and open doors for friendships. But it was pretty darn nice to know that we were just doing our thing without anyone really knowing where we were. (That sounds like we were doing something bad. Can’t figure out how to better word that🤷🏻‍♀️)

10. My return will be different

I don’t think I abuse social media but I definitely am a “post too much” kinda woman. I don’t mean to me!! We do fun stuff. We go cool places. My child is just so cute and says the funniest things! I’m USED to posting on a super regular basis. But now that I’ve had a break… it’s going to be different. I haven’t decided my new “rules” but I’m praying and mulling them over. I so enjoy keeping up with people. My family is scattered and I enjoy seeing their photos. Makes me feel like I’m apart of their lives even though we are far apart. I was telling my husband on the way home this morning that “I’ve literally spent hours of my life looking through peoples photos and they were people I didn’t even like in high school! Why do I do that!!??” It’s a distraction. If I have felt stressed or been bored I have grown accustomed to hopping on social media. No more. I realize how much time I have wasted that I will never get back.

It was difficult not having social media during the Golden Globes, Oprah’s statements that eluded to her running for President, the Government shutdown!! I mean that was super tough! But the bottom line– no one REALLY cares what my opinions are on issues like that. And if they DO care they will probably reach out and ASK me! The feelings I experienced while not being on social media taught me a lot more than these 10 things. What a good lesson that was for me.

What are your thoughts on social media? Have you ever taken a break before? I’d love to hear from you!

Thanks for reading!

For now,

Cara Roxanne

Eating crow

In case you aren’t aware, I’m deathly afraid of birds. All birds. And no, I’ve never had some traumatic experience I just hate them. Disgusting creatures who I fear might want to eat my face if given the chance.

Anyway. That’s a post for another day

Last week I chatted with a friend over text. It was one of those ongoing all day fun kinda conversations. We covered pretty much every topic including finances/jobs/etc. I said the words “I’ve cut out everything I can but I am NOT getting rid of my car.” And there may have been a “Dave Ramsey can just deal with it” comment in there somewhere… but I can’t recall.

Well— two days after that conversation I was using some charts I created to try and determine some type of timeline on when we are going to be DEBT free and doing the scream on Dave Ramsey’s show! (And yes I FULLY intend to do that) I knew it would be a long road until we reach the end but I’ve been proud of us so far. I was looking at other ways to cut/slash and SAVE so we can make this snowball even bigger! I began to get this weird feeling in my stomach… was it– conviction?? I began to look at my car.

My beautiful, luxurious {sounds hysterical right? But they even say it in the commercial!} SUV and feel sick. It had to go. BUT I DON’T WANT IT TO GO AWAY!!!! It’s my dream car if that’s even such a thing. It rides good, drives good, has more bells and whistles than I know what to do with… {so many buttons that I always call 911 when I’m trying to turn the interior lights on. Finally I figured out how to feel the difference between the light and SOS button… and the cops are glad!} but it has to go.

Once I decided my car had to go I was ready to see it gone. Due to the price of my car and the fact it was so new I knew I would be somewhat upside down. I’ve had it less than a year so it was inevitable. I began looking online for a more reasonable car and test drive a few. I crunched some numbers and knew that for it work (and serve the purpose of going down in debt/payment) it had to be a significant change. I didn’t want to go through all the headache of changing vehicles to save $50 bucks. I saved a LOT of money by making phone calls to companies but this was going to take time and I hate spending hours at a dealership.

Anyway- called a friend in the business and explained my end goal and gave him my list of requirements(which surprisingly was VERY little)

I wrote the first half of the post from the dealership. And now, I’m home with my new Nissan Altima down below me in the garage. I told my husband “I like it. It has 2 bells and 1 whistle!” Gotta laugh at myself.

I’m growing. I’m finding comfort in simplicity and am completely satisfied/content/ and even joyful with my new purchase. My insurance lady just emailed me and I saved a good bit on my insurance. Apparently it’s cheaper to insure less bells and 1 whistle 🙂

Here’s to saving more money! Thanks for reading. It keeps me accountable and provides encouragement!

For now,

Cara Roxanne

Living my life backwards for far too long

It’s a fact. I have been living my life backwards

Buying when I couldn’t. Now I can and I won’t. Now I’m downsizing and doing without.

Now that I “don’t have to” and make a decent living I have to get rid of things I should have been doing without for years

Why did I think I deserved things when I couldn’t afford them? And why can I afford them and am totally willing to do without?

I am trying so hard to answer that question. And the only thing I can come up with is the old saying of “we always want what we can’t have.” When I really couldn’t (and shouldn’t) have purchased things- I did. And when I really long for financial freedom (and should be enjoying it due to hard work to get here) I can’t.

I was expressing this to my friend and my husband. Both laughed but it was the kinda laugh that hurt because it was that half-say laugh/half-way gasp for breath kinda laugh. My friend said “everyone goes through that. That wake up call of realizing what you did wrong.” My husband said “I’ve done that my whole life.” It wasn’t necessarily comforting to hear those words but it did solidify that I’m not the ONLY person who has been living life backwards.

NO MORE! I can’t go back but to go forward I have to relive some financial mistakes. I have had to come to terms with mistakes that will cost me years to fix. The funny part is that I’m okay with it. I mean- I’m not OK with being stupid and backwards for years, but I’m okay with facing it and owning it. I’m in control of this now. God is TRULY in control but you hear me, right? I’m in better control (and have a reign on) of spending and monitoring finances. For years I was terrified to login to my bank. I didn’t want to face what I would see. Isn’t that crazy?? Gahhh- that’s just so sad. {but true!}

Anyway– enough living backwards. Moving forward I feel like I have the tools PLUS the accountability from this blog. Let’s do this. Let’s live life FORWARD!

Thanks for reading

For now,

Cara Roxanne

Biggest wastes of my money in 2017

I shouldn’t do this to myself… but in the 12 hours I spent in the car over the past week I had a lot of free time. I came up with several purchases I made that I totally regret. Care to join in? These are NO specific order.

1. Cable

I literally watch (or rather listen from a distance) about 20 minutes worth of GMA while I’m getting ready in the mornings. I hear just enough to know the latest stunt our president has pulled and catch the high temp for the day. In the evenings we watch Netflix OR reruns of “Everybody loves Raymond” or “Friends.” How ridiculous is that?? We have our shows for sure… but they ALL show up on Hulu the next day!! It’s crazy. I figured up we spent over $1500 this year on Dish Network.

2. Oil changes at the same dealership.

Thankfully I didn’t make this mistake ALL year. {this may not be the case in all states/all dealerships} My first oil change was free but they told my husband I needed a tire rotation as well. Let’s just say that rotation MORE than made up for the price of that “free” oil change. I purchased the extended warranty so I knew that keeping up with the maintenance was crucial but I also did my research and discovered as long as I can prove that I had the work done in a timely manner then it did not have to be from the dealership where I purchased. So- you see a local shop advertising oil changes for $20– go for it!! You get a coupon in the mail for $10 tire rotation- take them up on it. Just KEEP THE PAPERWORK!!!

3. Pedicures

This one is hard to admit. But I did spend a LOT of money on my toes this year. I love doing a mom/daughter date at the nail salon. And on a rare occasion I am okay with this. But I didn’t do it rarely this year– I did it OFTEN! When I began adding it up I felt sick at my stomach. I have sensed purchased a nice pumus stone to buff my own feet and have spent time looking up which essential oils can be applied to help with hard/cracked heels and toes. I can’t say I will not splurge on a pedicure in 2018 but I CAN guarantee it will not be often.

4. Monat

I had several friends selling Monat and I dove in. Why not? For some there were dramatic results. But for me, well, I have pretty good hair. I use good conditioner purchased at a discount and I allow my hair a break from heat (drying, curling, straightening) so my hair not what you call “damaged.” I spent over $180 dollars this year on the products and I cannot tell a difference. Not knocking the products at all! Just saying that for ME it was a waste. I will say this… when I realized I was not getting the results I expected {and I can’t even tell you WHAT I expected} I stopped using it daily and now use it once a week. It will last longer this way AND I feel like I’m still getting use out of it.

5. Cheap essential oils

Yes they WERE cheap, but I basically paid for things to smell good. I had a hard time spending the money (initially) for nice oils {like plant therapy, Do Terra, etc} but in turn I wasted nearly $100 this year on brands that were not true essential oils. Don’t get me wrong- it was HARD to pay for nice oils but at least I knew what I was getting!! To put it simply- if you are using a diffuser/oils to make your house smell like peppermint and that’s it– save your money and buy cheap! If you are wanting healing properties and wanted to ingest/ put on your skin, buy true oils from a trusted company! And if Young Living or DoTerra is out of your price range look up Plant Therapy. They are a trusted company who has super reasonable prices. [no one is paying me to say this!!! This is my opinion only]

And I’ll say this… I’m not throwing away my cheap oils. They can still be used to make the house smell yummy. Just this morning I used the type of candle that holds a tea light and has a place for oil/wax on top. I poured some of my cinnamon bark on the top and lit that candle. I just won’t be using those oils to add to my bath or rub on my skin. I’m working hard and not being wasteful!!

6. Organization and the tools to achieve it

I spent so much time, energy and money attempting to become organized in 2017. The problem with that is this… I didn’t need to get organized– I needed LESS stuff! All the labels, bins, tubs, calendars and compartments were (mainly) a WASTE. It didn’t hit me until the end of the year that I was never going to organize ALL THIS STUFF! I just simply needed less. Once I began my overhaul my life become easier and {surprise surprise} instantly more organized. It doesn’t take time and energy to organize less because well, there is an automatic organization that comes with less. Giving away, donating and trashing– all of which cost nothing has gotten me more organized in NO time!

Donate what will help you out with taxes! We had some furniture that we were done with. That was worth donating and getting the tax deductible form.

The mismatched socks were tossed. The worn out rags were tossed. Served no purpose-tossed!!!! That was easy!

The clothes that were in good shape were given to a friend who welcomes hand-me-downs or mailed to my sister.

The bottom line is that I quit focusing on getting organized and started working towards having LESS.

7. Subscriptions

I no longer get any magazines! Well, I say that. My mom got me a Southern Living subscription for Christmas but that was a gift. But I no longer pay for magazines or any other subscription such as Ipsy or FabFitFun. Here’s the deal… magazine articles are 99% online. I would get a magazine in the mail and then hop on Facebook and see half of the articles (the big ones) were free online. Unfortunately over half of what I got in my FabFitFun was nothing I wanted. I gave some away and the rest was stashed in my closet. It either wasn’t my color or wasn’t even my style. Sure it felt like a “bargain” in that the price was $60 per month and the value was substantially more BUT it’s not a bargain if you don’t need it!! I’ve made the best of it (re-gifted, saved for later) but that bad boy is cancelled. As far as Ipsy goes, it’s just $10 a month but a large portion of the products I didn’t care for. What I did like I have saved and even have a set of makeup places in my overnight bag just waiting on trips. But all in all it was a waste of $120 this year.

2017 was a year of growth for me. A lot happened and big changes took place. And while graduating with my Masters was a huge accomplishment, the change I’m most proud of his year is my attitude towards stuff and having a clearer view of what I want for my life. And that my friends is priceless

Thanks for reading!

For now,

Cara Roxanne

Books that changed my life


Well, clearly I am too cheap (and can’t buy anything anyway currently…read more about that HERE) to purchase these, but I did check them out at my local library. “Interrupted” comes first and then read “7”.

We live in a society (and culture) that puts an emphasis on things. And don’t get me wrong! Things are good. I love things. Things are my favorite. {It’s kinda true}
But I am wanting to be different in the way I live. For the past few years, my husband and I have practiced more of a minimalistic lifestyle. Not to the point of recycling toilet paper, but we ARE trying to not buy “STUFF” as much. It’s been nice. We have had more of a focus on each other, on activities and trips and less on buying things just for the sake of buying things. “Interrupted” totally follows that mindset and uses scripture to back it up. Such a good book.

“7” is a bit more extreme. Of course Jen Hatmaker makes it hilarious and fun to read, but the whole eating 7 foods for one month thing didn’t appeal to me. But one chapter in particular spoke to me. It was the chapter on getting rid of 7 things per day for a month. That’s a lot of things to give away. OR so it seemed…

I enjoy getting rid of stuff. As much as I like to buy stuff it’s almost more fun to get rid of it. I love it when I get rid of stuff. So I figured what the heck? In 20 minutes I had a box for our local Habitat for Humanity store that had 39 things in it. So basically i’m like half-way through with week one!

Maybe you could give it a try? Like I have always said, so many blogs and books on financial peace and living within your means are so extreme, but it’s what YOU take away from it that matters. Take it away and make it your own. I took the “giving away 7 things” challenge upon myself for the heck of it. And let’s face it- I just did our taxes and our donations to charities (even donations of tangible things) helped tremendously this past year! Whether you are doing it to gain a new focus or perspective in your life OR doing it to get a tax right off, i’d suggest giving it a try. (Send me your success stories at

On top of not being able to buy anything (except for these things) until July 1st, I am also getting rid of things and it feels GREAT! I am truly loving it.

For now,


I am on a BREAK!

Ya’ll this stinks!

I am on a spending break until July 1st. And guess WHO of all people demanded I do this?????????


I read a book called “The Year Without a Purchase” (you can read about that here.) and it got me to doing some thinking. Obviously the book was a TAD extreme (or it wouldn’t have made it into a book), but the premise was quite simple. I take that back. The premise was EXTREME but the PURPOSE was simple: Cut down on consumerism. I would read a chapter, then take notes, and then express my thoughts and give a play-by play of that chapter to my husband. We both agreed it was a bit much but I love financial books {Takes all kinds… don’t judge} and was curious about it.

While the hubs and I were talking we both came to the same conclusion that we didn’t really NEED anything. We went through a list of what we expected this year to look and what we would need for it. Last year we bought a new tv, new luggage, tons of clothes, new coffee pot–the list goes on for ages. But all of this rambling between us made ME realize that I really don’t NEED anything. {My wants though–awww… my wants}.

I vowed to go on a spending hiatus for 30 days without telling a soul. I mean I could have blogged about it right then but I wanted to see if I could actually do it before I put it out there. It’s February 2nd now, and I haven’t bought a thing that wasn’t on my list.

Here’s my spectacular list of things I can buy:

anything consumable (food, drinks, cleaning products, TP, paper towels… you get the idea)

contacts (I can’t see  how much money I am saving if I cannot see)

School supplies (that’s a given–i’m in school)

Gifts (for others… not for me)

This was supposed to be 30 days, and I MADE it. And not only did I make it, but I can see a difference in ME. {and my wallet}

First of all, I feel a difference because I am proud of myself. I know it may seem dumb, but as the girl who has free time so I stroll through the mall and can ALWAYS find a bargain, this is huge for me. My spending is by no means out of control. I buy everything on sale,  I stop and think (sometimes for days) about nearly every purchase, and I look for THE BEST deal. But at the end of the day, 99% of the time I am buying things that I DO. NOT.NEED! I have more clothes than can fit in my closet. I have more shoes than can fit on the shelves. I have more purses than the man selling them out of his trunk in NYC. I NEED nothing. But I GET consumed thinking that I do.  Whether it is because it’s super cute, or because a friend has one, or out of boredom, I am the QUEEN of convincing myself I need something that I don’t.

Second of all, my focus IS shifting. I used to hop on Instagram and spend way too much time looking at the boutiques I follow and oohing and awwing over their new merchandise. I still see it, and sometimes I click on it to see it better, but clothes (purses, jewelry, etc) are not impressing me like they used to. And this is only after 30 days! Woot!

This isn’t for everyone and I get that. We have more disposable income than we have had in our 7 years together. {Praise the Lord for turning our situation around} This isn’t about saving money (while it DOES save money if you don’t spend it-duh), this is about me not being consumed by things which I do not need.

You may think i’m crazy and I’m okay with that. I think my husband kind of does too. He thinks this is silly and that when i’m bored it’s totally fine for me to walk around TJMAXX…and he’s right. It IS fine. But for me right now I am trying to gain a new perspective and look at things differently. I’ve never really said NO to much that I wanted to buy. I rarely talk myself out of something– if it is within reason, and the purchase will not effect our ability to survive, then I buy it. I want to change that.

Here’s to positive change!

For now,


But I “can’t” do that

This was what I said EVERY.SINGLE.TIME I read a blog about saving money, making money, paying off debt, etc. I would read these blogs about “How we paid off $40k in 30 minutes”. (Okay, not 30 minutes, but it was so some stupid-ly short amount of time.) The bloggers tips were like sell your rental property (which we own none of), cash in your 401k (which we aren’t going to do), get rid of your boat (we don’t have a boat), sell or rent out your timeshare (and we don’t have that either.) It honestly felt more DIScouraging to read these types of blogs than it did encouraging. To be fair, some posts were encouraging and gave me frugal ideas to stretch my budget, so reading them wasn’t completely in vain. But overall, I just felt like we didn’t have the resources to do what these people did.


I start with that story to say this… you HAVE to make it your own. Simon Cowell would boot people off of American Idol back in the day because they sang the song just like it’s original performer. They never made it “their own” and in turn, they got the boot. That’s my point. Take ideas you read from blogs, on pinterest, in Dave Ramsey (I so love/hate that man) books and flip them to make sense for YOU!

The goal in therapy (i’m in school to be a therapist in case you didn’t read my About Me–shame on you) is to help the client come up with solutions for their problems and tools to help themselves. It’s not my goal as a {one day} therapist to say do this or that. It’s to give the client tools and let them figure it out on their own. (clarify– this is of COURSE to an extent and not someone that is in imminent harm/danger to themselves or anyone else.)

My advice– if you are looking for financial freedom, KEEP LOOKING! Read the books, the blogs, search on Pinterest for frugal ideas, ways to save money, etc. Some will NOT apply to you. {“First thing we did was sell our yacht”– what the what???} But some things WILL apply to you. It is not fair to assume that what worked for someone else will work for you. But it IS fair to say that it may spark interest or an idea in YOU that could transform your finances.

My husband and I have done a complete 180 in our finances for MANY different reasons. I will write about those later. But the whole thing got started by getting fed up with our financial situation and wanting to make changes. Little by little, dollar by dollar, Redbox free code by Redbox free code, we have come around. Stick with it. Don’t say you can’t.

MY steps may not be your steps. But stay tuned. Those steps are coming soon.

Be encouraged.

For now,


The Year Without a Purcha$e- Book Review and Ramblings


SUCH a good book! The author is so comical and makes this whole process worth reading! The story of him with his “violet” suitcase and his wife’s sock that needed sewing– priceless stories!

Obviously I picked up the book out of curiosity to see what this was all about. I have followed a blog previously where the blogger suggests having a “no-spend month” (which we have done before) but never have I read a book about not making purchases throughout the year! Worth picking up for sure.

AT THE LIBRARY OF COURSE… where it is FREE! {duh}

For those of you that are curious yet aren’t going to read the book, I will break it down for you. They have some specific rules to abide by.

If you can fix it, fix it. Learn to repair your own stuff! Don’t replace it if it can be fixed.

Avoid commercials and catalogs. Basically avoid anything that is going to cause you to want to spend money OR things that will cause you to feel sad because you cannot buy anything right now.

Only buy what can be used up. (food, drinks, gasoline)

Keep what you love and get rid of what you don’t. If you have so many items and you don’t LOVE them, get rid of them.

Pretty simple plan to follow… right? Wrong? I don’t know! I’m torn. The whole book was amazing and there were many good ideas for us to try within the book. The overall concept of this book is not so much to save money and spend less, but to appreciate what you have and to spend more time connecting with others instead of buying them things.

Could we do that? Not buy anything for a year? Why does that seems SO difficult? 

We don’t need clothes. (It’s a sad fact. We have 4 closets in our house that are completely full of clothes, each room has a dresser, nightstand that is full, plus we have bins of “out of season” clothes in the attic.)

We don’t need suitcases. (That may sound random to you, but we both travel a lot so that is a necessity for us)

We don’t need furniture. 

We don’t need a new gaming system, tv or dvd player. 

We don’t need new vehicles. 

We NEED nothing, yet the thought of saying “Sure, i’ll sign up on this project” makes me sick at my stomach.

This whole consumerism thing isn’t going to be fixed over night. We live in a society where we GET GET GET! And let’s face it, we BUY BUY BUY because we WANT WANT WANT! Every year around my birthday and Christmas I begin to dread the inevtible question that is coming… “What do you want for your birthday?” or “What do you want for Christmas?” Why do I dread this question? Someone is asking me what I WANT so they can BUY it for me! How awesome is that? Yet I dread this question because of this simple fact: When I want something, I buy it. There- I said it. Happy now? When I want something, I buy it. Therefore I can’t ever tell anyone what I WANT because there is nothing on my list because I ALREADY BOUGHT IT!

See my point?

Even those of us who work our budgets monthly, and follow Dave Ramsey’s plan like it is the Bible, are STILL human beings living in 2016 where we buy what we want. I can’t change society. I can’t change anything but my OWN buying habits. And I realize that I have spent the bulk of my life buying things that I don’t really want simply as a hobby. Now THAT I can change.

Not sure if I am ready to sign up on the no buying for a year, but I am ready to make changes. What about you?

“The reward for humility and fear of the Lord is riches and honor and life.” Proverbs 22:4

For now,


Seriously… UNenroll me!!!

“You’ve Got Mail”

That sound makes me happy. People make fun of me (like literally I have had people laugh at me) because I still use AOL. I use AOL for 3 reasons.

  1. I have used it for so long I can’t remember life without AOL
  2. It talks to me (You’ve got mail)
  3. It is SO simple

{Side Note… Most of my posts will have 3 points. I was raised Baptist. I can’t help it. Three points are our thing}

My email chimes at me a lot or reminds me I have mail very often. 98.4% of the time (yes that was made up on the spot as most statistics are) it is junk. But GOOD junk! Emails like “75% today only” and “One Day ONLY” sale emails, and reminders of upcoming sales at Victoria’s Secret. So while it truly is JUNK email in that it’s not a personal email, it is “Good” junk. Those good junk emails have cost me so much money through the years.

I believe in “Big Brother” and I swear he listens to us too. Inevitably every SINGLE time I talk to my husband about finances and saving money, or pray that God will bless our finances and help us be wise with our money, that ol’ familiar sound of “You’ve Got Mail” comes blaring through my computer only to inform me of a Buy 1 Get 1 sale that I just cannot resist.


So… I did something that was very VERY hard for me. Like literally almost made me sick to do it. I unenrolled. (And apparently that is so NOT a word because my computer has the red line underneath it). I went to and did just that. It took a long time because somehow I am signed up to get every advertisers email EVER, but I did it.

My email talks to me less nowadays. I no longer wake up to an average of 30 emails each morning that are our mainly emails informing me of where I can “save money” today. BUT– my savings account thanks me.  I didn’t WANT to do it. But I needed to.

I cannot begin to tell you the times that I would be at home working on school work with a day (planned) to be filled with cleaning, organizing, getting rid of, etc, and that trusty ol’ “You’ve Got Mail” would have me out the door in 10 minutes flat to go get my bargains!! Isn’t that sad? It speaks volumes to my lack of determination even when I would harp on being determined to be smarter with my finances. It speaks volumes of the level of consumerism I have. (hopefully I can move this past tense soon). I would justify it to myself because HONESTLY most of those trips I left the house for so quickly were to buy things for someone else. (Children’s Place gets me EVERY. SINGLE.TIME. with their “huge savings.”) But…spending money is spending money. No matter who it is for. I had to come to grips with that.

I wish was paying me to write this post, but they aren’t. This isn’t a shameless plug to get $10 in my blogger money account, this is a post to be very candid and frank about the steps I personally had to take to calm down my spending and increase my savings. You would think at 31 years old I would be able to just delete the email, but acknowledging the problem is half the battle…RIGHT? {Please someone say YES!!!!}

So check it out. Know yourself. Know what triggers you to spend money that you don’t have or shouldn’t be spending. For me, this was a huge step in the right direction.

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