I have told more people this lately… it’s becoming insane.

Throughout this process I can honestly say that my husband and I have gotten closer. We have written goals for our future and a plan on how to get there {or at least we agree on how to NOT get there!} We also have come to share our love/hate for Dave Ramsey. I hate it when people are ALWAYS right.

We sat down last week and looked very intently at all of our bills. Things that I have NEVER paid attention to are now topics of everyday conversation. Such as: How much is Netflix and when does it come out of the account? We had no clue! How sad is that! I wasn’t quite sure what we paid for Amazon, Sam’s, Hulu and so many others it’s embarrassing.

I looked through each bill and went back through our online banking to SEE what all we pay for and when. (terrible… I know!) We knew there had to be some wiggle room in there somewhere. After looking through EVERY bill we have–here is what I learned and did.

  1. Verizon. I called them. Let’s talk. “Ya see Dave Ramsey told me to call you.” What changes can be made to lower this bill! I saved us $36 dollars each month by this phone call. I now have my bill drafted {and don’t worry–I wrote down the draft date so I won’t forget!} which saves $10 a month and I took the iPad off of a data plan. We use the unlimited plan so when we need the iPad we can hotspot our phone and save that money!
  2. Entergy. I mean we HAVE to have electricity but what can we do differently? We are on levelized billing and after taking a good look at every bill from this past month I learned that we are over paying by $60 bucks a year! Not anymore we aren’t. Maybe for you this is a great plan to be on… but not for us! I’ll take that extra money any day of the week!!
  3. Dish. Guess what? If we cancel on February 14th (which is our anniversary/contract date) we can come back in 30 days as a “new customer.” So on that date we will no longer have dish! Will we come back after 30 days? Probably. But do we have to? NOPE! Because we are not slaves to Dish anymore! (HALLELUJAH!) In the mean time I looked at some blogs/pinterest posts to see what Roku has to offer. We have one but we really only use it for Netflix. I found a FREE app called Pluto tv. It basically works like dish/cable in the fact that you have tv channels to chose from within this app. There is a news channel and a People tv channel which has some great shows on it. We WILL survive that 30 days with no Dish and possibly survive longer. Roku has some fantastic apps you just have to know what you’re looking for. IF we can stay away from Dish for any amount of time we will be saving TONS of money. Average savings: $88.20 per month.


A few phone calls and only a FEW times of having to say “Dave Ramsey asked me to call…” I have saved $125 dollars a month. And I LITERALLY did all of this in less than an hour. Worth every second.

Thanks for reading!

For now,

Cara Roxanne