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Pizza Party on Fridays…

“And if you vote for me, I will make sure we have a pizza party EVERY Friday in the teachers lounge.”

I was in 5th grade. I just freaking wanted to be student council president. I was all set to win. The odds were in my favor. And then- the candidate I ran against busted out the “pizza party on Fridays” line and he won. I was devastated. I remember telling my mom through tears “Don’t people realize he can’t do that??”


DISCLAIMER–**But, for the sake of my blog I am not going to qualify each thing I say. I am qualifying it now. {As I have done in previous posts} I understand that every Republican/Conservative in the world does not feel this way and does not like who our President Elect is. HEAR ME WHEN I SAY THAT. I will use blanket statements for the sake of this blog, and my posts, but I in no way think that everyone shares the same feelings as other members of their respective parties. **

You just voted for the pizza party.

And it ain’t going to happen.

  1. You think you finally have a President that “hears you”. With all sincerity I say to people that feel this way… “HUH?” I mean I get it. I always think people who have never lived my lifestyle, don’t know anything about middle class America, and don’t even know where my state is, MUST be the type of person to “hear me” when I talk. (Where’s the emoji with the eyes looking up in a sarcastic way when you need it?)
  2. “But he’s going to stand for what I stand for! He’s going to get rid of gay marriage and abortion!” WRONG. He doesn’t have that power and 2 days after he was elected he recanted doing anything about either of those. He’s not building a wall either.
  3. “He’s not taking a salary! I mean come on guys, that is so admirable. Hillary totally would have taken a salary.” Ummm— he’s not taking a salary- good for him. He’s just going to cost America more in secret service/guards/protection than any president in history due to the fact that his family is not embracing the White House and he is said himself that he does not want to be there “full time.” Yes kudos for not taking the salary. {Gosh I need that emoji again}
  4. “The stock market has already gone up since the day he was elected!” Yep. And so have gas prices.


Enjoy your pizza.

Don’t judge yourself

Here’s the thing… we all spend money differently. Period. Plain and simple.

I have friends who can’t live without getting their nails done on a regular basis. I know those that eat out ALL the time. There are others that choose to spend a small fortunate at the grocery store and Sam’s and find entertainment in that. No judgment here- to each his own. (that is one of my all time FAV quotes)

We spend OUR money differently. And that is A-OK. Differences make the world go ’round.


WE choose to spend our money in our own ways. Ways that make US happy and make sense to us.

  1. we like cars. Not fancy cars per se, but nice cars.
  2. We LOVE to travel. I would not eat out for a year to save up for a trip if I had to.

On the flip side, we save money in our own ways. We don’t have HBO or Showtime or any fancy extra add-on networks. We don’t have a home phone. We don’t buy expensive clothes. We don’t eat out that often. Those are OUR things. But that doesn’t mean someone else is doing it right?

We have 3 trips planned for this summer and I couldn’t be more excited:

  1. Washington, D.C. as a family (and we are meeting family there as well)
  2. Puerto Vallarta for me and the hubs
  3. Dallas, Tx for the Dixie Chicks concert (can I get a woot woot???)

These trips required several things. Budgeting to make sure we could afford them, using hotel points (my husband travels CONSTANTLY so 9 out of 10 times when we are in a hotel, it’s free), and spending time on Pinterest, groupon and other blog sites to find out the cheapest and best ways to go about these vacations.

It’s so easy to look at someone and think “man they are spending their money all wrong.” I’m guilty of that! I often hear people talk (or they come to me directly) and gripe about finances as they ramble on and on about how much they spend at the mall this weekend. I have learned to let it go. I can’t fix everyone and guess what– they don’t need fixing!! It’s their money to do with what they wish. I learned to let it go when someone once made a tacky comment about how much we travel. Yep-you dang straight! We LOVE to travel and that is what we CHOOSE to spend OUR money on.

Final point… don’t judge others for how they spend their money!! You may spend your money on having a ski boat and a jet ski. They may spend their money on clothes and handbags, and others just wanna save all their money. Don’t judge. Just keep your finances in order with what works for YOU and let everyone else just do their thang!

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