This really was a terrific year!

I mean sure…a LOT went down this year in our world that makes me sad, but I am choosing to stay positive.

This year was FULL of exciting things for my family!!! Trips, graduating with my Masters degree, starting my “real” job, watching my baby girl hit new milestones and mature in ways that break my heart… It was a terrific year!

This year was full of FUN and laughter!

January was full of hard work as we prepared for our new floors to get installed! My husband is really lucky to have me as a help mate.


February was the month of love. Well,. more like the month of me and my bff’s husbands traveling all the time. So us and our kiddos had a fancy V-day dinner at Purple Cow.


But thankfully my husband made it home in time to take sweet Ava to the “daddy daughter dance” at church.


Aren’t they precious?!?!?!

In March I went to El Paso to see my oldest and dearest friend, Lauren. WHAT A BLAST we had acting like little schools girls just giddy as can be! I even talked her into walking over to Mexico for the afternoon. {I’m still shocked I convinced her to do so!!}


Then it was off to my best friends wedding!!! Steph and Jake had a beautiful ceremony and I was so HONORED to be a part of it!! Love you both!


And let’s not forget that March was also the month of musicals 🙂


Phantom of the Opera did NOT disappoint!


In April my friend Lindsey had a gender reveal party. I placed all my bets on a girl… and Amber placed all of hers on a boy. Which one do you think won?


May brought about graduation and a fun trip to NYC!!! #favplaceonearth


June and July were THE best!!!

My whole family came into town for a week of fun! Jere, Ava and I went to Dallas for a vacation, my sweet baby girl got baptized, and Jere and I headed to Cabo San Lucas for a week of fun in the sun! Oh and I took Jere to see RENT in Memphis. I mean it WAS on Father’s Day and I probably enjoyed it more but… well, surprise! 🙂 Thankfully he LOVED it! #RENTHEAD

Then it was time for back to school and all the excitement that comes with it!


After all the stress of school and work… we needed a break!

So in October we headed to CHICAGO!

Hamilton + some AMAZING sights!

ANNNND the next weekend we headed to San Antonio to watch our beautiful friends tie the knot!!!


November was PERFECT! I met HILLARY CLINTON!!! EEEEK!!! It was so fun! Gahhh–when I stop and think about it I am STILL so giddy!!! {She said she loved my shirt!}

And now it’s December. My FAVORITE month of the year. I love the music, the smiles, the sights… and the celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior. Tis the season to share LOVE. So share it today. And if you can’t– at least try to be cool like us.


Merry Christmas from the Matthews! You are LOVED!

Thanks for reading!

For now,

Cara Roxanne