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Andy walks with me

“Andy walks with me, Andy talks with me, Andy tells me I am his own.”

Yet another song lyric I have gotten wrong in my life. 🙂 Andy is actually AND HE. Jesus. Jesus is He.

My walk with the Lord (as I have mentioned before) is not just a nice, peaceful, evening stroll. It’s more like one of those Warrior Dashes. The ones that have the mud, the dirt, the weird obstacles, the one that has people laying on the ground saying “Save yourself–go on ahead!” That’s my dash with the Lord.

It’s messy and muddy. I wish I could understand Grace. I mean I believe in it because I have seen it so many times in my life… but I wish that I really get in the head of my Lord and Savior and figure out WHY he allows Grace to cover us.

Anyway– my walk {dash, sprint, run, hurdle jumping race} has been an adventure. I grew up in Church. As I have been told, I was born on a Tuesday and was in church that Sunday. Dad’s a minister so the option of missing church–well, it wasn’t one. I grew up in church on Sunday morning, Sunday night and of course Wednesday’s as well. I loved going to church, don’t get me wrong, but I didn’t view it as a place to learn and grow in Christ. It was no different than brushing my teeth. I didn’t necessarily enjoy brushing my teeth, but I did it because it was the right thing to do.

I became a Christian at the ripe old age of 7. I was baptized 3 months later by my father. I remember that day very well. Heck I even remember what I wore. And I remember after the baptism getting cleaned up and mom drying my hair a little bit then going and sitting out in the congregation with my family. I remember putting my head on my oldest sister’s shoulder and closing my eyes. I was tired and ready to go home. What’s done is done. I believed in Jesus and I was happy to now be a member of my Baptist church, but I didn’t really understand what all this meant.

I was a good kid, for the most part, and never really got into trouble. I did a devotional every single night {read out of my teen devotional magazine which took all of 3 minutes} and prayed a lot. I believed in Jesus= that part has never changed. I had simple prayers because praying big wasn’t something that I was taught. I married at 19 and moved 30 minutes away and joined the First Baptist Church there. Looking at other churches never occurred to me. [I enjoyed that church so much and have lasting friendships from that wonderful place]

After my marriage went south I wondered if I would ever be in church again. I felt so guilty every Sunday when I didn’t get up and go to church. But I didn’t feel guilty throughout the week for not having a close with the Lord. It hit me around the age of 27 [when I hadn’t regularly attended a church in 2 years] that I had missed the mark my WHOLE life. It wasn’t about church… it was about Jesus. Why am I so dense that it took me THAT long to figure it out? It was about the relationship with Christ. It was about being thankful for grace, mercy and forgiveness. It was about praising God for bringing me through EVERY storm I had been through. It was about praising him for picking me up off the ground covered in mud and dirt, and washing me off and loving me!

There are so many more facets, details and stories that go along with my journey. This was more of an over view. But nonetheless, it was the turning point for me. Everything that happened after my epiphany [if you will] is because OF the epiphany. Church is important. I encourage every Christ follower to find a church home. It’s good for you to be in God’s house. It’s good for you to have a good group of friends to encourage and support you. HOWEVER– let’s not lose sight of the most important part… the relationship with Jesus.

If you never serve on a committee- that’s ok. {we Baptist’s…we love our committees}

If you don’t go every Sunday- that’s ok.

If you never volunteer to rock babies- that’s ok.

But if you have that reversed and never TRULY seek after a relationship with God then you have 110% missed the boat.

May this encourage you and not discourage you–because that’s the point. Thank God that “Andy” walks with me. 🙂

For Now,


Don’t forget to remember me.

Carrie Underwood had an amazing song years ago called “Don’t Forget to Remember Me.” Basically the song says don’t forget about me… and who I am… and I am/was in your life.

Here’s the thing… we all sin. We ALL have fallen short of the glory of God. We ALL sin. We may sin differently, but we still sin. Even if it looks different.

Don’t hear this as a post about it being OK to sin… that’s not it at ALL. But stick with me…

I’ve sinned (shock of all shocks). Some sins you know about and still talk about today. Some sins you have no idea about. But the truth of the matter is… there is sin in my life. When sin becomes public, people tend to forget the GOOD you have done. People tend to assume everything positive in your life is negated. Thank GOD that Jesus doesn’t feel that way.

Because I have sinned does that mean that anytime I spoke up in Sunday School that I was a fake? No!!! Does that mean when I asked for prayer or prayed for someone else that they weren’t heard-NO!!! That’s crazy!!

Look at people like Stephen Collins and Bill Cosby. Two men I grew up admiring– even if it was on the tv screen. Stephen Collins played the “Revered Eric Camden” and I thoroughly enjoyed the show “7th Heaven.” I learned a lot from that show. I loved the way he treated his family, the way he handled adversity— even if it was JUST a character. I admired that character.

I grew up watching “The Cosby Show”. I LOVED that show and still do. My whole family would watch that show together and laugh and then have discussions about the life lessons we learned from that show. Even to this day, I refer back to episodes of that show on a regular basis. {Remember- “the trash can lid”story? Still one of my most recited quotes from A  tv show outside of FRIENDS.}


I don’t agree with what Stephen Collins did and was accused of. I don’t support or condone that behavior in the least. And as far as Cosby… shame on him! If it’s true??– shame on HIM! That is horrible!! NO one should take advantage of a woman the way he is accused of doing. It’s wrong, horrible, sinful, degrading and plain ol’ wrong!

But that does that mean the lessons, memories, funnies, and laughter from his show are tainted? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!

We as Christians tend to think if sin is involved (and mainly if it is public since we ALL know we sin) that the person is tainted… wrong. Always wrong. And that is NOT the case. Thankfully, Jesus doesn’t see it that way.

I had friends and (unfortunately, people closer than that) who have seen me sin and make mistakes that have turned it around to be that I am “not the person I once was.”  That couldn’t be further from the truth– nor could it NOT be more comical!! Absolutely I am the SAME person! I am the person that came out of the womb kicking and screaming, the person that led bible study at school and church, the person that loved to babysit, go to the local Walmart (since that was all we had), sing, listen to music, and  the person that loved and loves Jesus and my church family– yet I am the SAME person that makes mistakes… daily.

To say that sin makes everything before the sin {became public} a lie is just plain wrong.

Don’t judge others. Just don’t. Because the plank in your eye couldn’t be bigger and more obvious yet others just love you and pray for you. We ALL sin… Don’t take the good out of someone or take the good memories and toss them away to make YOU feel better. It’s wrong and frankly, you look stupid. So stop.

For now,


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