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Andy walks with me

“Andy walks with me, Andy talks with me, Andy tells me I am his own.”

Yet another song lyric I have gotten wrong in my life. 🙂 Andy is actually AND HE. Jesus. Jesus is He.

My walk with the Lord (as I have mentioned before) is not just a nice, peaceful, evening stroll. It’s more like one of those Warrior Dashes. The ones that have the mud, the dirt, the weird obstacles, the one that has people laying on the ground saying “Save yourself–go on ahead!” That’s my dash with the Lord.

It’s messy and muddy. I wish I could understand Grace. I mean I believe in it because I have seen it so many times in my life… but I wish that I really get in the head of my Lord and Savior and figure out WHY he allows Grace to cover us.

Anyway– my walk {dash, sprint, run, hurdle jumping race} has been an adventure. I grew up in Church. As I have been told, I was born on a Tuesday and was in church that Sunday. Dad’s a minister so the option of missing church–well, it wasn’t one. I grew up in church on Sunday morning, Sunday night and of course Wednesday’s as well. I loved going to church, don’t get me wrong, but I didn’t view it as a place to learn and grow in Christ. It was no different than brushing my teeth. I didn’t necessarily enjoy brushing my teeth, but I did it because it was the right thing to do.

I became a Christian at the ripe old age of 7. I was baptized 3 months later by my father. I remember that day very well. Heck I even remember what I wore. And I remember after the baptism getting cleaned up and mom drying my hair a little bit then going and sitting out in the congregation with my family. I remember putting my head on my oldest sister’s shoulder and closing my eyes. I was tired and ready to go home. What’s done is done. I believed in Jesus and I was happy to now be a member of my Baptist church, but I didn’t really understand what all this meant.

I was a good kid, for the most part, and never really got into trouble. I did a devotional every single night {read out of my teen devotional magazine which took all of 3 minutes} and prayed a lot. I believed in Jesus= that part has never changed. I had simple prayers because praying big wasn’t something that I was taught. I married at 19 and moved 30 minutes away and joined the First Baptist Church there. Looking at other churches never occurred to me. [I enjoyed that church so much and have lasting friendships from that wonderful place]

After my marriage went south I wondered if I would ever be in church again. I felt so guilty every Sunday when I didn’t get up and go to church. But I didn’t feel guilty throughout the week for not having a close with the Lord. It hit me around the age of 27 [when I hadn’t regularly attended a church in 2 years] that I had missed the mark my WHOLE life. It wasn’t about church… it was about Jesus. Why am I so dense that it took me THAT long to figure it out? It was about the relationship with Christ. It was about being thankful for grace, mercy and forgiveness. It was about praising God for bringing me through EVERY storm I had been through. It was about praising him for picking me up off the ground covered in mud and dirt, and washing me off and loving me!

There are so many more facets, details and stories that go along with my journey. This was more of an over view. But nonetheless, it was the turning point for me. Everything that happened after my epiphany [if you will] is because OF the epiphany. Church is important. I encourage every Christ follower to find a church home. It’s good for you to be in God’s house. It’s good for you to have a good group of friends to encourage and support you. HOWEVER– let’s not lose sight of the most important part… the relationship with Jesus.

If you never serve on a committee- that’s ok. {we Baptist’s…we love our committees}

If you don’t go every Sunday- that’s ok.

If you never volunteer to rock babies- that’s ok.

But if you have that reversed and never TRULY seek after a relationship with God then you have 110% missed the boat.

May this encourage you and not discourage you–because that’s the point. Thank God that “Andy” walks with me. 🙂

For Now,


“Bless her heart” and other southern phrases I never quite got right…

Seriously. I do good {ok…decent} when I write, but I never have had a way with words. I get phrases wrong. I get song lyrics wrong. I always mean to say something….yet it never comes out right.

I am in school to become a counselor, so it shouldn’t surprise you that I find it therapeutic to be honest and get this off my chest.

Here are some examples of many of the things I get wrong:

Tim McGraw’s song… He sings “Our feet in the water and pressed her lips to mine”. I sing “I peed in the water and pressed her lips to mine.” Kinda different.

Chicago has an awesome song called “Look Away”. They say “when you see me walking by and the tears are in my eyes… look away, baby look away” However I like my version better… “When you see me walking by with an earring in my eye…look away” I mean wouldn’t YOU find it hard to look away if someone had an earring in their guy? I once dated a guy with an eyebrow ring and my dad couldn’t help but stare at it… all-the-time. I can’t imagine if he had an earring in his eye. Yikes.

bless your heart

And then there are the phrases that I grew up hearing that never made any sense to me. i mean I understand “Bless her heart”. That clearly does not mean what it says. It usually means shes pitiful or ugly or mean… it’s not at all what it seems.

But then there are phrases about people being worth their salt, and throwing it hats, and towels and cats. I never EVER get these write.


“I got this in the hat with the cat in the bag!” That one is my favorite. i’m pretty sure I made it up by combining a few but it’s ok.

“I’m throwing the cat in the ring.” I don’t really know which ones I have combined here.

“I think he’s worth his salt in oats.” This one is my husbands FAV.

“Aw babe! I think this is gonna be a landmine!” My husband responds with “I think you mean gold mine… or at least I hope you do.”

“Eh… it’s 12 of 1, 6 dozen of the other.” I say this all the time. And frankly, I don’t even know what the correct way to say it is.

“Doesn’t make a hill of beans to me”. I think I am saying this right so I must say I have NEVER seen a hill of beans…ever.

“I was born on a Tuesday but not the one we just had.” This one is supposed to be something being born at night but not the night we just had, or something like that.

Geez… we have so many weird sayings down here. They don’t make a lick of sense to me but I sure have fun saying them! I make fun of George W. for being an idiot, yet when it comes to saying phrases correctly, i’m afraid he and I are one in the same.

For Now,


When you need your contacts in to find your glasses


I mean …come ON already!

How many times has this happened to me in my life? I take my contacts out then cannot find my glasses… because I need my contacts in to FIND them.

Well yesterday… let me go back.

My husband had to run to Memphis for work. I didn’t have class (or a vehicle… that’s another post) so I tagged along! Just a fun little get away. He works- I get to be lazy without the constant nagging feeling that I need to be doing something! Win-win. {Or at least I win}.

I had slept in, gone to get breakfast and then had a good work out at the fitness center on site. I was all pumped and admiring my muscles in the mirror when I decided I’d better get cleaned up! The hubs was coming by soon to pick me up and take me to lunch. I took my contacts out, ran some water, then realized I had no shampoo in this shower. I went back to the vanity, grabbed some and settled in a for a hot shower. As I am putting conditioner in my hair I thought something felt differently. Oh well.

Then I got out, dried my hair and sprayed some hairspray in it. Whew that smells weird!!

Put my contacts in, started my makeup routine and looked down… yep I had sprayed my husbands deo in my hair… which made me think to go check the shower. Yep, I had conditioned my hair with lotion.

Moral of the story… know where your glasses are before you take your contacts out and visa versa. It just, well… it helps!

For now,


These are a few of my weird things…

I have so many things I don’t like. Seriously– it’s a long list. I feel the need to share because, well, admitting it is half the battle, right?

I’m terrified of big eyes.

You know like those HUGE eyes when people look as though their eyes will literally fall out of their socket!! I have to look away. I understand they can’t help it, but I can’t help that I have to look away. This fear also spills over into scary movies {which i’m a fan of} where someone’s eyes get large… CANNOT. HANDLE. IT!.


They WILL kill you. It’s true. I don’t care if it is Bozo or a goofy clown at a 3 year old birthday party. I will RUN and if you follow me, I will kick you. Plain and simple.

Having my neck touched.

This will make me lose my mind. I have an unrealistic fear of choking. Not from food {which I don’t like that kind of choking either} but of someone having their hands around my neck. I’m sure it’s from a movie I saw when I was too young to see it, but the thought of being murdered by someone having their hand around my neck literally has kept me up at night. So this spills over into…

Getting my hair washed at the salon.

I don’t like the way it feels to lean my head back. Because… there it is. My neck. Kinda like sticking out in the air. When someone is getting their head washed, their neck is literally sticking out further than any other part of their body and it’s literally INVITING someone to touch it. No thanks– not me. Not toooodaaaayyyyyy. {Imagine me saying that in the voice of the now {in}famous lady who talks about the building on fire. If you have no clue what I am talking about you MUST watch it here. }

Probably my biggest fear in life is BIRDS. I am DEATHLY afraid of birds. I know it’s weird. I know it’s odd. But it is a FACT. Some people see them as beautiful creatures and I just so happen to see them as vicious attackers that want to eat my face. We can just agree to disagree. I have tried to face my fears. I have walked into that spooky bird house at the zoo trying to be so strong and brave. After about 15 seconds I couldn’t breathe so my husband let me leave.


So there ya have it… my list of fears. They are irrational and so SO silly… but they are MINE.

Please tell me someone out there has a crazy irrational fear? Right?? Anyone..???

For now,





Bathroom Etiquette


Excuse me while I RAMBLE about Bathroom Etiquette.

My husband and I just got back from a trip to New York City. I can’t wait to tell you more about that. Wow- I just love that place. But for now, let me talk to you about bathroom etiquette.

First of all, I understand that we all have to go. It’s how we are made. No matter what “number” you are doing, it is natural and has to happen. Period. Plain and simple. But now let’s get to the etiquette part.

I stood in line for 7 minutes for the bathroom in the La Guardia Airport. Not a big deal. They were only boarding group 2 and somehow my husband and I ALWAYS get group 4. It’s finally my turn to go into a stall. I was feeling a little anxiety. I don’t like flying, airports, or anything about the travel process. I didn’t want to have to pee on the airplane. I’m deathly afraid of flying so the thought of being in a compromising position and finding out I was going to die or the plane like swirling all around while i’m peeing FREAKS me out. Okay so back to it. I’m walking in the stall after a lady (who appeared to be nice, normal and pretty) walks out. I walk in, turn around, lock the door then turn back around to face the toilet. It’s always good practice to look at the toilet before you sit on it. Make sure it is sanitary and make sure there is TP. I turn and look at the toilet. There is pee everywhere. And not pee where she sat down and really had to go so it went everywhere… but like a “I am going to hover over this toilet even though I have no idea what i’m doing” kinda mess.

  1. You cannot get diseases from a toilet seat. So your inability to hover, yet your determination to do it anyway, is COMPLETELY in vain.
  2. If you hover and you know your talent in that area is lacking, please take some TP and wipe your pee off the seat. I’m not concerned about what you left on the floor, but the seat- that’s just gross. And it IS your responsibility to wipe it off.
  3. From now on I will call you out. If I could go back in time and open back up the door and say “hey lady who was just in here?! Come clean up your pee” I totally would.

This is a lesson in bathroom etiquette and this concludes my daily ramble.

For now,


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