I have so many things I don’t like. Seriously– it’s a long list. I feel the need to share because, well, admitting it is half the battle, right?

I’m terrified of big eyes.

You know like those HUGE eyes when people look as though their eyes will literally fall out of their socket!! I have to look away. I understand they can’t help it, but I can’t help that I have to look away. This fear also spills over into scary movies {which i’m a fan of} where someone’s eyes get large… CANNOT. HANDLE. IT!.


They WILL kill you. It’s true. I don’t care if it is Bozo or a goofy clown at a 3 year old birthday party. I will RUN and if you follow me, I will kick you. Plain and simple.

Having my neck touched.

This will make me lose my mind. I have an unrealistic fear of choking. Not from food {which I don’t like that kind of choking either} but of someone having their hands around my neck. I’m sure it’s from a movie I saw when I was too young to see it, but the thought of being murdered by someone having their hand around my neck literally has kept me up at night. So this spills over into…

Getting my hair washed at the salon.

I don’t like the way it feels to lean my head back. Because… there it is. My neck. Kinda like sticking out in the air. When someone is getting their head washed, their neck is literally sticking out further than any other part of their body and it’s literally INVITING someone to touch it. No thanks– not me. Not toooodaaaayyyyyy. {Imagine me saying that in the voice of the now {in}famous lady who talks about the building on fire. If you have no clue what I am talking about you MUST watch it here. }

Probably my biggest fear in life is BIRDS. I am DEATHLY afraid of birds. I know it’s weird. I know it’s odd. But it is a FACT. Some people see them as beautiful creatures and I just so happen to see them as vicious attackers that want to eat my face. We can just agree to disagree. I have tried to face my fears. I have walked into that spooky bird house at the zoo trying to be so strong and brave. After about 15 seconds I couldn’t breathe so my husband let me leave.


So there ya have it… my list of fears. They are irrational and so SO silly… but they are MINE.

Please tell me someone out there has a crazy irrational fear? Right?? Anyone..???

For now,