“I wish I knew how many steps there are…”

Those have been the thoughts racing through my head over the last week. I REALLY want to sit down and write out the steps we have used on our journey towards financial freedom. Because we have done this one little bit at a time, it’s hard to decide what to clump together and what to keep separate. So, for now this post is titled “Step by Step” instead of Step #1 of _____. And I AM sorry about that. Stay with me…

I know what steps 1-3 are off the top of my head. Are you ready? You may want to write this down.

  1. Know what you bring home every month
  2. Know what your bills add up to be
  3. Decide on what you can cut

I was surprised at ourselves when we began on this journey. We were sitting in a “Financial Peace” class at church and began to fill out one of the forms. The first question to fill in was “bring home pay”. I watched my husband write a number. I whispered “you are wrong.” I took the pencil and erased what he wrote and began to change it to the RIGHT number. “That’s not right either”, he replied in my ear.

Well crap.

How in the heck are we sitting in a”Financial Peace” course and have no clue what we bring home each month. Pitiful. But it’s so common. Don’t be common. Know what you bring home.

Knowing what your bills add to be is crucial as well. You can’t budget, cut corners, start a savings account or plan a vacation if you don’t know how much your bills are each month. Keep in mind that I didn’t say “how much you SPEND each month”. Because we BOTH know that what your bills are and what you spend are two completely different amounts. (We will get to that later)

Third step? What can you cut?? If you see that you are paying $265 for 2 cell phones… maybe you should look into cutting that. When my hubs and I were first starting on this scary adventure together, we paid way too much for cell phones. We got online and did our research to see what our provider had as better options, we then called Verizon, then we went to the store. We wanted to make sure we had the MOST information to make this decision. We got to keep our numbers but the most savings had us on 2 separate plans. Saved $120 per month. Tada!


See where you can cut. I cannot say it enough.

You look through at your cable/satellite bill and it looks high? CALL THEM! They will work with you.

Don’t be afraid to call and ask questions. First of all, it’s your business to know how much you pay, why you pay it, etc. Second, it’s job security for someone. {You know it’s true}

It is YOUR money. Don’t be afraid to save it. Don’t be afraid to ask for something. I have so many stories about crazy things we have done to save money, cut costs, etc, and I cannot WAIT to share those with you.

Any questions? Roxyrambles02@gmail.com. Can’t wait to hear from you!