There is a lot of truth in this statement.

I have said it before myself… and I have heard it many times from my friends. Every time the topic of saving money or spending less comes up it ALWAYS comes back to how much time it takes.

There IS truth in this statement!

Piggy Bank with Dollars
Piggy Bank with Dollars

Saving money DOES take time! It takes a lot more time than spending money. FACT.

I have been the person that clipped the coupons and had the stock pile. It’s like a diet. It’s fun for a while and you see results and it’s great and wonderful… yet somewhere along the way you lose momentum. Once that momentum is gone it is HARD to keep up the “good work.”

So, to avoid having to add an extra room on your house to contain your 14,000 bottles of detergent… let’s talk simple steps. {I will go through each of these in detail as we go along.}

  1. Get a budget binder. A notebook, some paper and a pen. That’s all you need. We can find some fancy papers to print out later, but for now just get those 3 things.
  2. Write down every bill you have! Don’t leave anything out. Knowing where your money goes is more than half the battle.
  3. Write down every debt you have. Whether it’s $45 dollars or $45,000… write it down!
  4. Make a list of everything you have in your house {food in pantry, freezer, and household items in your pantry/hall closet}

After you have done that… make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine. That’s a lot of work and you do deserve some chill time. We have more work to do tomorrow!

For now,