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Where do we even begin?

“Where do we even begin?”

These were the words I mumble often. *SIGH*

I always feel like I don’t know where to start. I get these wild hairs {either from being on Pinterest too much, or visiting a friend, or just being tired of what I am looking at} to do a project but then I become so overwhelmed that I don’t ever do it.


For years I have been into the idea of Minimalism. But I like to call it “Minimalism BC”. BC stands for “BY CARA”. This means I have taken the whole concept, read all the books, read all the blogs, researched, what the documentary on Netflix, and then come up with my very won version of Minimalism. The problem is…


If you don’t stick with it, plan thoroughly and pay CLOSE attention to what you are doing you will quickly find yourself off track. You will be lost somewhere stuffing a burger in your face, or in my case, hoarding with pride my 56 bottles of shampoo. {I love shampoo, y’all. It’s like my thing. Isn’t that strange?}


So where do you start? That’s a good question. As a therapist I know that I can’t tell someone to start but I can rephrase the question: Where DO you want to start? Or to spice it up…Where do YOU want to start? [See what I did there? Best part of being a therapist is answering questions with a question. It’s my fav.]


I did good for so long and then I got busy. Legit busy. I went back to school, went back to work, had more income and therefore wasn’t as careful, and I got lazy. It became easier to just go buy a bag of socks than it would have been to dump out my drawer and look for it’s mate. {Again- face palm.}

So that’s just it– i’m starting over. I had on my list of errands to run the other day “buy socks” for my child. On my way to the store I literally said out loud “WHAT AM I DOING??” If she has more than one pair of socks I do NOT need to buy more. Truth is she probably has 57 pair of socks I just haven’t taken the time to look through all of them and pair them up or toss them out. It’s not the price of the socks that I need to be concerned about here. Dropping $8 on a bag of socks isn’t going to kill me, but it would just have been MORE in an already cram packed chest of drawers.


Maybe you are new to the idea of living on less. {And I don’t mean money– i mean STUFF!} Maybe you are like me and have done really good for a long time but just got busy. Or lazy. Or both. We can DO THIS! This isn’t the first time that I have needed a refresher so for what it’s worth… here’s my refresher.

Side note… Read “The 100 Thing Challenge”. It is amazing! And a great place to start. This guy chose 100 things to keep, I choose 46,000 but the bottom line is- it had an impact on what I kept.

  1. Don’t buy anything!!! Do not buy ONE single thing {except food, duh!} until you have gone through the process. Pay your bills, put gas in your car and food in your bellies and that’s it. Maybe that will motivate you to work through this process faster. It took me 3 months the first time.
  2. Start one room at a time, closet at a time and drawer at a time. Go through everything you own!!! Get rid of what you don’t want, keep what you do. And if you keep it make sure you will either use it or has some type of sentimental value. As for what you don’t keep- sell it, donate it or give it away. Get it out of your house.
  3. I had a hard time getting rid of a whole bunch of t-shirts. My thought here was that even though I didn’t wear them all, but I knew over time I would. So I kept 7 t-shirts out and put the rest in my attic. So when these wear out I have a whole (semi) brand-new stash to pull out. This means I won’t have to go BUY anything else but they will feel new to me. Use this to apply to anything! Don’t wanna throw dish towels out but don’t need 14 in your drawer? Put the rest away. When you need them, you have them but your drawers are less cluttered and not stuffed to the brim.
  4. If it stays in your closet, WEAR IT! If it stays in the cabinet-cook with it. If you realize at the end of this project that you haven’t used something  you kept, get ready to say goodbye!
  5. Don’t be crazy. This is my last refresher step for now. Last year I decided to take a bunch of DVD’s to the game store my daughter trades in games at. I was so pumped about clearing off a shelf and getting a little extra dough to spend towards a DS game for the kiddo. Well… they wanted to give me 1 cent for each. Now some would say “TAKE THE PENNY AND RUN”. I said no thanks. It wasn’t worth it to me. Don’t sell something you know you will regret getting rid of. And dang sure don’t sell it for a dollar. This is meant to be methodical and planned out to make YOUR life is easier. Not cost more later on.

Make sense? What are your tips for living a more simple life? I’d love to hear them!!! is the quickest way to catch me or comment below.

I am getting started TODAY on my appropriately named “Spring Fling”. I’ll post an update soon.

Thanks for reading,

Cara Roxanne

I am on a BREAK!

Ya’ll this stinks!

I am on a spending break until July 1st. And guess WHO of all people demanded I do this?????????


I read a book called “The Year Without a Purchase” (you can read about that here.) and it got me to doing some thinking. Obviously the book was a TAD extreme (or it wouldn’t have made it into a book), but the premise was quite simple. I take that back. The premise was EXTREME but the PURPOSE was simple: Cut down on consumerism. I would read a chapter, then take notes, and then express my thoughts and give a play-by play of that chapter to my husband. We both agreed it was a bit much but I love financial books {Takes all kinds… don’t judge} and was curious about it.

While the hubs and I were talking we both came to the same conclusion that we didn’t really NEED anything. We went through a list of what we expected this year to look and what we would need for it. Last year we bought a new tv, new luggage, tons of clothes, new coffee pot–the list goes on for ages. But all of this rambling between us made ME realize that I really don’t NEED anything. {My wants though–awww… my wants}.

I vowed to go on a spending hiatus for 30 days without telling a soul. I mean I could have blogged about it right then but I wanted to see if I could actually do it before I put it out there. It’s February 2nd now, and I haven’t bought a thing that wasn’t on my list.

Here’s my spectacular list of things I can buy:

anything consumable (food, drinks, cleaning products, TP, paper towels… you get the idea)

contacts (I can’t see  how much money I am saving if I cannot see)

School supplies (that’s a given–i’m in school)

Gifts (for others… not for me)

This was supposed to be 30 days, and I MADE it. And not only did I make it, but I can see a difference in ME. {and my wallet}

First of all, I feel a difference because I am proud of myself. I know it may seem dumb, but as the girl who has free time so I stroll through the mall and can ALWAYS find a bargain, this is huge for me. My spending is by no means out of control. I buy everything on sale,  I stop and think (sometimes for days) about nearly every purchase, and I look for THE BEST deal. But at the end of the day, 99% of the time I am buying things that I DO. NOT.NEED! I have more clothes than can fit in my closet. I have more shoes than can fit on the shelves. I have more purses than the man selling them out of his trunk in NYC. I NEED nothing. But I GET consumed thinking that I do.  Whether it is because it’s super cute, or because a friend has one, or out of boredom, I am the QUEEN of convincing myself I need something that I don’t.

Second of all, my focus IS shifting. I used to hop on Instagram and spend way too much time looking at the boutiques I follow and oohing and awwing over their new merchandise. I still see it, and sometimes I click on it to see it better, but clothes (purses, jewelry, etc) are not impressing me like they used to. And this is only after 30 days! Woot!

This isn’t for everyone and I get that. We have more disposable income than we have had in our 7 years together. {Praise the Lord for turning our situation around} This isn’t about saving money (while it DOES save money if you don’t spend it-duh), this is about me not being consumed by things which I do not need.

You may think i’m crazy and I’m okay with that. I think my husband kind of does too. He thinks this is silly and that when i’m bored it’s totally fine for me to walk around TJMAXX…and he’s right. It IS fine. But for me right now I am trying to gain a new perspective and look at things differently. I’ve never really said NO to much that I wanted to buy. I rarely talk myself out of something– if it is within reason, and the purchase will not effect our ability to survive, then I buy it. I want to change that.

Here’s to positive change!

For now,


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