Carrie Underwood had an amazing song years ago called “Don’t Forget to Remember Me.” Basically the song says don’t forget about me… and who I am… and I am/was in your life.

Here’s the thing… we all sin. We ALL have fallen short of the glory of God. We ALL sin. We may sin differently, but we still sin. Even if it looks different.

Don’t hear this as a post about it being OK to sin… that’s not it at ALL. But stick with me…

I’ve sinned (shock of all shocks). Some sins you know about and still talk about today. Some sins you have no idea about. But the truth of the matter is… there is sin in my life. When sin becomes public, people tend to forget the GOOD you have done. People tend to assume everything positive in your life is negated. Thank GOD that Jesus doesn’t feel that way.

Because I have sinned does that mean that anytime I spoke up in Sunday School that I was a fake? No!!! Does that mean when I asked for prayer or prayed for someone else that they weren’t heard-NO!!! That’s crazy!!

Look at people like Stephen Collins and Bill Cosby. Two men I grew up admiring– even if it was on the tv screen. Stephen Collins played the “Revered Eric Camden” and I thoroughly enjoyed the show “7th Heaven.” I learned a lot from that show. I loved the way he treated his family, the way he handled adversity— even if it was JUST a character. I admired that character.

I grew up watching “The Cosby Show”. I LOVED that show and still do. My whole family would watch that show together and laugh and then have discussions about the life lessons we learned from that show. Even to this day, I refer back to episodes of that show on a regular basis. {Remember- “the trash can lid”story? Still one of my most recited quotes from A  tv show outside of FRIENDS.}


I don’t agree with what Stephen Collins did and was accused of. I don’t support or condone that behavior in the least. And as far as Cosby… shame on him! If it’s true??– shame on HIM! That is horrible!! NO one should take advantage of a woman the way he is accused of doing. It’s wrong, horrible, sinful, degrading and plain ol’ wrong!

But that does that mean the lessons, memories, funnies, and laughter from his show are tainted? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!

We as Christians tend to think if sin is involved (and mainly if it is public since we ALL know we sin) that the person is tainted… wrong. Always wrong. And that is NOT the case. Thankfully, Jesus doesn’t see it that way.

I had friends and (unfortunately, people closer than that) who have seen me sin and make mistakes that have turned it around to be that I am “not the person I once was.”  That couldn’t be further from the truth– nor could it NOT be more comical!! Absolutely I am the SAME person! I am the person that came out of the womb kicking and screaming, the person that led bible study at school and church, the person that loved to babysit, go to the local Walmart (since that was all we had), sing, listen to music, and  the person that loved and loves Jesus and my church family– yet I am the SAME person that makes mistakes… daily.

To say that sin makes everything before the sin {became public} a lie is just plain wrong.

Don’t judge others. Just don’t. Because the plank in your eye couldn’t be bigger and more obvious yet others just love you and pray for you. We ALL sin… Don’t take the good out of someone or take the good memories and toss them away to make YOU feel better. It’s wrong and frankly, you look stupid. So stop.

For now,