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You got MAD skills!

So many of us forget what we have to offer. We get hung up in the 8-5 world and forget that there are OTHER ways to make money out there.


What are your skills?


Are you a good writer? BLOG

Are you a good singer? Enter a karaoke contest (ya never know)

Are you super organized? Start an organizing business on the side


It really is THAT simple!


I took my mad skills {I like to think they are mad skills} of marketing and PR and began working for a friend about 8 months ago. She has her own Mary Kay business {and not just ANY ol’ Mary Kay business}. This girl is AWESOME, y’all! Her name is Amy and she owns as well as She has taken her beauty consulting business to a whole new level. She thinks outside the box and has so many civic projects going on it’s crazy! She needed help keeping up with her social media and reached out to me about being her Social Media Manager. We met and discussed what she needed and what I could bring to the table. It was a PERFECT fit. But here’s the deal– when it came time to discuss money I decided to think outside the box. I offered to work for her FOR Mary Kay products! For me this is a HUGE win! I get all the skincare, beauty products and new fabulous looks for FREE! { I mean, I work for them, but you see my point}.


I say that to ask this–do you have a skill like that that you could use to work for YOU? Maybe you are in a place where you need to work for some type of trade? For me, this was PERFECT!!!


Just a thought–you have skills. We ALL do. No matter what they are don’t take them lightly. You are loved, valued, and deserve respect and appreciation. So do it–go out there and show the world your MAD SKILLS!


{also, check out Amy’s websites and see what you think! This girl does SO much for victims of domestic violence along with her beauty consulting business. She’s an awesome girl who has MAD skills and uses them to her advantage!}




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Kathy Mattea once sang…

“Where have you been? I’ve looked for you forever and a day…”

Well I highly doubt you have looked me forever and a day, but I HAVE been missing. And I shall explain.

I went back to work. ┬áPlain and simple. I added work to my already crazy schedule of having a family and being in graduate school. I know… i’m crazy.

Actually being back at work has been wonderful for me. (except that my time to blog has virtually vanished). Going back to work has given me a purpose in each day and has allowed me to feel like I am contributing to my family. I understand that me going to school, and keeping the household running is totally contributing, but you know what I mean… that feeling of knowing you are making a difference financially.

So anyway, that is where I have been. I have so much to say… I have been continuing to write down anything “blog worthy” and I am now more full of stories than ever being back out in the “working with the public” world. Oh Lord… people are crazy.

Enjoy your Easter weekend. He is Risen, and we can celebrate.

For Now,


“It’s just SO time consuming”

There is a lot of truth in this statement.

I have said it before myself… and I have heard it many times from my friends. Every time the topic of saving money or spending less comes up it ALWAYS comes back to how much time it takes.

There IS truth in this statement!

Piggy Bank with Dollars
Piggy Bank with Dollars

Saving money DOES take time! It takes a lot more time than spending money. FACT.

I have been the person that clipped the coupons and had the stock pile. It’s like a diet. It’s fun for a while and you see results and it’s great and wonderful… yet somewhere along the way you lose momentum. Once that momentum is gone it is HARD to keep up the “good work.”

So, to avoid having to add an extra room on your house to contain your 14,000 bottles of detergent… let’s talk simple steps. {I will go through each of these in detail as we go along.}

  1. Get a budget binder. A notebook, some paper and a pen. That’s all you need. We can find some fancy papers to print out later, but for now just get those 3 things.
  2. Write down every bill you have! Don’t leave anything out. Knowing where your money goes is more than half the battle.
  3. Write down every debt you have. Whether it’s $45 dollars or $45,000… write it down!
  4. Make a list of everything you have in your house {food in pantry, freezer, and household items in your pantry/hall closet}

After you have done that… make yourself a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine. That’s a lot of work and you do deserve some chill time. We have more work to do tomorrow!

For now,


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