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Tales of a Trophy Wife- when I remember our age difference

Let me remind you that my husband is 22 years older than me. {22 and a half but he hates the half part}

I have said before about how I honestly don’t think about the age difference. Sure he’s older, but do I think about it? Not at all… Until…



When I found out the Backstreet Boys were going to have a stint in Vegas, I just KNEW I had to be there! I figured it wouldn’t be a problem convincing the hubs to go because Vegas is home away from home. We have been there so many times, he’s been probably 25 times more than me, and well, he just loves Vegas. So while I felt like I could convince him to GO, I knew he would turn up his nose at the reason why.

He agreed to go on one condition: I would go with him to either a Journey concert or whoever the guy is that sings Margaritaville {cannot remember his name for the life of me}. Y’all– that’s a hard decision! I mean come one… Journey? No clue who that is!!! He tells me stories about how these songs take him back to high school, and remind him of driving like a bat out of hell to get home by curfew, and dances, and yada yada….

But he doesn’t know all the words to “I want it that way”?????????? ┬áMy heart is just broken…

Long story short… we are going to Vegas. And I, sigh, am going on a journey to see Journey.

For Now,


Marriage…need I say more?


This is what we {women} do! It’s just a fact.

Sigh… i’m working on this. Here’s the deal… women (and don’t take it personally if you do not fit into this box. I’m not trying to clump people together due to the fact that I HATE extreme generalizations, but for the purpose of this blog, I will say things like “women”, “we”, etc. Forgive me.) do this. We have large opinions about everything. We may SAY we don’t care where we eat or what we do… but we do. We will go along with your plans but then later we will look like the weenie dog on the left.

I’m working on this… I really am. I believe that marriage should be a partnership. It shouldn’t be one purposing barking and the other going along.

Women- we must do better! We must bring our husbands into the “planning” stages of our lives and not just tell him what we are going to do.

Men- Step UP! Is your wife driving you nuts because she is constantly barking at you? Is she constantly wondering why you planned something for a date night that she has no interest in? GET INVOLVED! Don’t order her roses without knowing if that will make her day or make her mad. Don’t buy tickets to a movie and make a reservation at a restaurant you don’t know she likes or not. BE engaged.

And women…be nicer. For some reason we walk around thinking that men can read our minds and the truth is SO much further from that!


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