I mean …come ON already!

How many times has this happened to me in my life? I take my contacts out then cannot find my glasses… because I need my contacts in to FIND them.

Well yesterday… let me go back.

My husband had to run to Memphis for work. I didn’t have class (or a vehicle… that’s another post) so I tagged along! Just a fun little get away. He works- I get to be lazy without the constant nagging feeling that I need to be doing something! Win-win. {Or at least I win}.

I had slept in, gone to get breakfast and then had a good work out at the fitness center on site. I was all pumped and admiring my muscles in the mirror when I decided I’d better get cleaned up! The hubs was coming by soon to pick me up and take me to lunch. I took my contacts out, ran some water, then realized I had no shampoo in this shower. I went back to the vanity, grabbed some and settled in a for a hot shower. As I am putting conditioner in my hair I thought something felt differently. Oh well.

Then I got out, dried my hair and sprayed some hairspray in it. Whew that smells weird!!

Put my contacts in, started my makeup routine and looked down… yep I had sprayed my husbands deo in my hair… which made me think to go check the shower. Yep, I had conditioned my hair with lotion.

Moral of the story… know where your glasses are before you take your contacts out and visa versa. It just, well… it helps!

For now,