We went to New York City for under $1k. That’s right! Such a fantastic getaway on a BUDGET! 

10 things you need to know… 

1- nights we had to pay for in the hotel. Other 2 were covered by points 

2- Broadway shows we took in. Got day of (more like hour before) tickets to “Six Degrees of Separation” and found a great deal online for “Sunset Boulevard”

3- days we spent in my favorite city

4- planes we hopped on! (Which were FREE I might add) 

5- the amount I spent on my daughters Fidget Spinner from a street vendor

6- amount of cups of coffee we purchased daily 

7- Uber rides we took over the course of 3 days (plus the 2 cab rides) 

8- meals we ate out! Hells Kitchen and Tavern on the Green are our new favs. (And hey– don’t judge. It’s vacation. You can eat an extra meal on vacation) 

9- amount of times it took us to snap this photo 

10- amount of minutes I felt like I couldn’t form a sentence after seeing Cynthia Nixon just walk across the street like no big deal

New York City is such a magical place! I want to continue the spread the love of my city to anyone who will listen! I intend to write some posts to help first timers make sure they have got their plan down so that no time is wasted!! 

Stay tuuuuned!!

Thanks for reading,

Cara Roxanne