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Pizza Party on Fridays…

“And if you vote for me, I will make sure we have a pizza party EVERY Friday in the teachers lounge.”

I was in 5th grade. I just freaking wanted to be student council president. I was all set to win. The odds were in my favor. And then- the candidate I ran against busted out the “pizza party on Fridays” line and he won. I was devastated. I remember telling my mom through tears “Don’t people realize he can’t do that??”


DISCLAIMER–**But, for the sake of my blog I am not going to qualify each thing I say. I am qualifying it now. {As I have done in previous posts} I understand that every Republican/Conservative in the world does not feel this way and does not like who our President Elect is. HEAR ME WHEN I SAY THAT. I will use blanket statements for the sake of this blog, and my posts, but I in no way think that everyone shares the same feelings as other members of their respective parties. **

You just voted for the pizza party.

And it ain’t going to happen.

  1. You think you finally have a President that “hears you”. With all sincerity I say to people that feel this way… “HUH?” I mean I get it. I always think people who have never lived my lifestyle, don’t know anything about middle class America, and don’t even know where my state is, MUST be the type of person to “hear me” when I talk. (Where’s the emoji with the eyes looking up in a sarcastic way when you need it?)
  2. “But he’s going to stand for what I stand for! He’s going to get rid of gay marriage and abortion!” WRONG. He doesn’t have that power and 2 days after he was elected he recanted doing anything about either of those. He’s not building a wall either.
  3. “He’s not taking a salary! I mean come on guys, that is so admirable. Hillary totally would have taken a salary.” Ummm— he’s not taking a salary- good for him. He’s just going to cost America more in secret service/guards/protection than any president in history due to the fact that his family is not embracing the White House and he is said himself that he does not want to be there “full time.” Yes kudos for not taking the salary. {Gosh I need that emoji again}
  4. “The stock market has already gone up since the day he was elected!” Yep. And so have gas prices.


Enjoy your pizza.

Sunshine in the rainĀ 

In my grad class “Group Therapy” we talked many times about what we in the biz call “check-ins” (let me see I’ve longed for the chance to say we “in the biz”).

Check ins are simply that– checking in with your client. This is often done in the form of “go arounds”where the therapist (group leader) starts off and literally goes around the group

Here’s an example: “ok group- let’s do a check in using weather. I’ll start. Right now I am feeling partly cloudy”. Next person “it’s a sunny day”. Next person “thunderstorm rolling in”. You get the picture. By doing this, the therapist can gain insight into how group members are felling and also clients get to use very simple ways to express how they feel.

This week I have been cloudy. Thunderstorms at times, and I’m pretty sure an emotional tornado passed by me several times. There were a few times, I must say, when it raining while the sun was out.

Let me explain– in my mourning, heartache and pure devastation, there were rays of sunshine shining down on me. These rays are my friends and my acquaintances that chose to reach out to provide comfort when I needed it most. To each of you- and there are more than I can post– thank you. In my heartache you were there for me.

To protect their names and to not drag them into anything, I have tried my best to disguise who these “rays of sunshine” are. If they so choose to become public then that is perfectly fine, but it is their choice.

These rays of sunshine got me through this week. My friends cared about me. No matter what side of the political spectrum they were on- there was unity. They may have been delighted at the outcome but because I was hurting, they extended grace. Many were out of the blue and from “unusual suspects” šŸ˜‰ But each of these words of kindness helped restore my faith in humanity. In a time when it would have been easy to gloat, they chose grace. When it would have been easy to celebrate, they chose to extend condolences.

From the bottom of my heart– I thank you. Now for a “check in”… I’m feeling partly sunny! šŸ˜Š

What not to say to a democrat…in case you were wondering

“You aren’t REALLY a democrat.”

There it is. Don’t say that. Ever. Under ANY circumstances.

  1. It makes you sound ignorant
  2. It’s insulting
  3. It implies that someone is lying

None of these are good.

I cannot COUNT the times I have had this said to me. Fortunately, I have thick skin, but that doesn’t make it any less rude.

I’ve also had it said to me this way:
“You aren’t really a democrat… you are just trying to be different.”

This implies that because my family is made up of Ā Conservative/Republicans that I am strictly choosing to vote for important issues affecting our country based on my desire to be different than my family? This ALSO {and probably more offensively} implies that I am trying to break some mold that my family has set in place? Well, let us examine a few facts.

  1. I don’t weigh my {immediate} families political beliefs when assessing my own. (or anyone’s)
  2. I LOVE the way I was raised! I am so grateful for my parents and sisters. I am thankful for my humble, simple, upbringing. I am so thankful for the values and morals that were instilled in me throughout my childhood. I would NEVER want to “break that mold”.
  3. I vote BASED on many of the aspects of my upbringing. Votes are cast {or should be cast} based on personal beliefs. These personal beliefs come from memories, childhood, experiences, etc. That IS how I vote! The fact that my parents raised me in church, allowed me to have a mind of own, taught me responsibility and independence– these are factors that I use to determine which way I will vote.

There is such a think as a Christian Democrat. I know this for fact. Because I am one.

Maybe next time you find out {or snoop} and discover someone is a democrat, just say nothing at all. Telling them they are not REALLY a democrat is rude. You should know that…but so many don’t.



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