I have done SO well!!! Especially back at work in a place where there are a million things to buy, I am consantly hearing of “markdowns” and “things going on sale”. I have done AMAZINGLY well… considering.

Here is a list of what I have bought: (and to refresh, I made a disclaimer that my not buying anything rule would change if I went back to work…which I did)

2 pairs of shoes for work

2 pairs of pants for work

Crock pot

THAT IS IT!!! Now here’s the deal i’m mad about (which my husband says I need to get over) is that I didn’t put crockpot down on my list. And I SHOULD have because I have known mine was super small and that I needed a new one for SO long now. But once I went back to work I began using my crockpot a lot more. And it didn’t take long to realize that it wasn’t big enough. Like for example, if we had a roast in the crockpot, I had to cut the roast in half to get it to fit. Half a roast was usually plenty, but sometimes it wasn’t. So anyway, I spent $19.97 on a new crockpot that is much bigger. DANGIT!


Let me tell you the story about my pants (this should almost be a separate post)…I had gone into Old Navy to buy some pants for work. I KNEW I would need to new pants if I took this job. Anyway, I tried on several pairs and narrowed it down and tried to picture what tops I would wear, etc (frugal) and finally decided on 2 pairs. One was on sale for $24.97 (which made me wanna croak because that is STUPID high for pants in my opinion) and the other was on sale for $19.97. He rang up the first pair and then the 2nd pair. My total was $27 bucks. I told him that wasn’t right. He double checked. Happened again. My 2nd pair was ringing up for .97 CENTS! {freak out-woohoo}. He called a manager because I wouldn’t let it go. I felt like I was stealing because there was NO way those pants were less than $1.00. She came and rung up them up and recognized a special letter at the end of the UPC. They were {the word has left me} essentially TRIAL PANTS. In a huge shipment that makes its way to Old Navy, a few items in there are a little different. IF they sell and do well then the store will get more like them, and if not, no harm no foul, and the person that buys them pays like next to nothing for them. She said these pants had a tiny difference in them than the other 300 I could have tried on.

HOLY COW! Thank you Lord!!! I was so stinkin’ happy. I got my pants, and literally did NOT break the bank. Frugal stories make me smile.

But, every Monday I now go to work. I used to use that as a cleaning/blogging/homework day. And now I can ACTUALLY say I am not too happy about having to wear pants. But I am happy they were so cheap.

Anyway, that is how it’s going. I’m working hard, trying to be smart with money, and saving all my earnings for vacation. Woot! How are YOU? What kind of progress are you making? Let me hear from you!

For now,