That was the best show TLC ever had.

Tell me you saw it? People with strange addictions. One lady out couch cushions. Like legit ate couch cushions. One guy pretended to be a baby like 18 hours out of the day. One lady ate rocks. I mean- you can’t make this stuff up!

Every time my husband and I watched that show we would begin talking about our own “strange” things that we do. While nothing we do would warrant a television crew following our every move for a week, we still have our own odd things. Feel free to share yours too!

My strange addictions: (and that is SUCH a strong word…)

Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2.

I never, I repeat NEVER miss an episode of either of those shows. I have been watching these girls for my entire adult life and I cannot get enough. Whew it makes for good tv. đŸ™‚ My husband laughs at me because I know so much about them. I know I know… i’m almost 33 years old. But I just CANNOT stop watching! I flipped out 2 weeks on a Monday (duh) night. I had class and was coming home to watch a THREE HOUR finale that included the first half of the checkup with Dr. Drew. I sat down and clicked Play and …. nothing. I kept getting this weird red dot in the corner of my screen as if my DVR was trying to tell me something. After spending an hour talking to Dish and trying everything they could think of the dude finally said “Your box is shot. We will be out in 2 days to replace it.” DID THAT STOP ME? Hecks no. I downloaded that MTV app as fast as I could and watched the whole dang thing… because THAT is how it’s done. My husband’s face when he realized it hadn’t recorded was priceless. He was treading lightly. I got an awful lot of “i’m so sorry babe. We can catch up I promise.” Seriously–don’t mess with my TM and TM2, dish.

Spoonfulls of Peanut Butter

It is a normal day for there to be like 6-10 spoons in our sink. I mean come on, I don’t double dip! I have a scoop of peanut butter entirely too many times a week to count but let’s just say if you have invested in Jiffy over the years– you’re welcome. Now it’s not only me but my daughter who does it too. And it gets worse… one of my best friends saw me grab a teaspoon full of PB a few weeks ago and yelled “THAT’S where he got it??!!!” Apparently her child has spent enough time at our house that he picked it up too. Is this where I appropriately say hashtag sorry not sorry?!?! đŸ™‚

Early Bedtimes

I have been like this my entire life. My name is Cara (pronounced Car<like the thing you drive> uh) and I am named after my Great grandmother who name was Carra (pronouned the same way but spelled better.) My parents thought that by taking out an “R” it would look more like how it is pronounced. Hashtag THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN!!! Anyway– Carra went by the loving name of Mama Cantrell to all of her grandbabies. Mama Cantrell had a reputation for wanting it dark and quiet when she went to bed and she had no problem telling people to keep it down or leave. I was very young the first time someone called me “Mama Cantrell.” I didn’t get it. As I got older I can remember people saying to my parents “Y’all sure did name her right.” Finally I got old enough to piece it together and ask my mom why people always said I was just like her. My mom told me about Mama Cantrell was and how she didn’t mind telling people to be quiet and how she’d go to bed even with a house full of company. I guess everyone was right–they DID name me well. If I invite you over for dinner and games and we’ve eaten and played 4 games…i’ve done my part… good night. That’s just how I roll. Nothing personal but I sure do love my sleep. Night night.


This is the only chore I don’t hate. In fact, I look forward to it. I would dust my house every day if I had the time and energy. Something about the smell of pledge and the soft cloth and the way the furniture looks after it’s been dusted… awwww…. I found my happy place again! I absolutely love dusting. Because of this fact I have a hard time NOT noticing when other people don’t feel the same way. I don’t MEAN to notice just like people don’t MEAN to notice that they are a better cook than me… they just do. That’s me with dusting. It’s my thing. I can be ready to go to bed and have the lights off and i’ll literally get OUT of bed to dust my nightstand. Drives my husband crazy but at least our furniture is dusted…

Hot tea

Hot tea is my favorite. Mugs for my hot tea make me happy. A new flavor of tea makes me super happy. Having tea at home and then going out to our favorite coffee shop to get more tea makes me SUPER happy. I can’t get enough. I have an enormous collection of tea. Need something to give you a boost- got you covered. Need something to calm your stomach- got that too. Need to get your bowels working- I can hook you up. Need to feel festive- I got it all. TEA is my FAV!. End of story.

Vaseline on my hands and feet

Vaseline on my feet followed by fuzzy socks makes me happy. Especially if I have just watched Teen Mom, dusted, drank some tea and had a big ol scoop of PB. It’s like the best way to end the day. Vaseline on my hands is awesome too BUT this can only truly be enjoyed if my husband is there to handle the remote situation. Every time I put Vaseline on my hands then turn the volume up on the tv someone *clears throat* gripes about how slick it is. My response “but I have soft skin so… you’r welcome.” Try it. It’s awesome.

So maybe to you I am a big ol’ weirdo. I’m cool with that. Maybe you do these same things and i’m just ordinary to you. That’s okay as well. Bottom line is this– we may not eat couch cushions or drink bleach in our coffee, but we ALL have some weird habit in our lives that other’s can get a kick out of.

Hoping I haven’t scared you off,

Cara Roxanne