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21 days of fasting

Our church begins every year with 21 days of fasting. Some choose to fast food and some pick something else. I chose social media.

Hear me out, I love social media! I keep up with my friends and family through FB and Instagram. I follow funny people like the “I ain’t doing it” Lady who totally brighten my day! And I get a large portion of my news through social media. ABC news articles, New York Times and of COURSE E News {all the essentials}. There are times I sit and scroll (kill time) but for the majority of the time I can honestly say it’s purposeful. But my oh my is it a distraction! Hop on Instagram to flip through and 2 hours later I know what everyone wore on Christmas Eve {hint- pajamas}, I’ve got 6 items in a cart of some boutique I’ve never heard of and I can’t stop trying to make the perfect story!!!!! Someone HELP me!

It’s a distraction for me. But unfortunately it’s distracting me from LIFE! Ten minutes turns into an hour without even blinking. And the comparisons! My word! I find myself feeling so inadequate after I have spent too much time on social media. I don’t know if every woman in the world has unlocked magical filters that I don’t have or if I really am this plain!!

See- that’s where my thoughts go, and I want THEM to go in 2018. Starting my year by a 21 day social media fast is what I need, and what I feel called to do.

I will continue to blog during that time and I have already loaded my Bible APP up with some great bible studies. I feel like it’s going to be somewhat tricky so I’m deleting my FB, insta and Snapchat apps so I don’t “accidentally” get on them.


The purpose for me is simple… start the year off with God First in my life. Spend 21 days eliminating distractions and using that time to read His word, engage with my family and focus on the important things in life. Also I want to determine if there is a correlation between social media and my attitude/confidence. The question to answer is: does social media cause discontentment in myself in ANY way? That’s what I’m out to discover.

I feel like this is an excellent way for me to give up(fast) something with the intent of replacing that with Gods word and time with Him. I also this is a way to keep my focus where it should be in 2018. It’s going to be an excellent year- but a tough year in regards to so many aspects. Prayerfully hoping this Fast will allow my focus to stay on point!

Here’s to 2018! May your year be filled with peace, love and laughter! I’m off to Family Christmas in Nashville, TN!

Thanks for reading,

Cara Roxanne

Waste not, want not

I hate WASTE!

It makes me sick to my stomach to dump out a half a can of Sprite that I find upstairs. Like, in all honesty, it bugs me 1000% more than it should. I really wish I didn’t get bugged by waste as much as I do… but I just do. (ANYONE else that way??)

Last week I decided to try Emeals. {Link added for YOUR benefit. They aren’t paying me}. It was recommended by Dave Ramsey [whom I have a love/hate relationship with] and since he recommends that you not spend a dime EVER, I figured it was worth looking into. It’s actually pretty cool! You pick your “Style” so to speak and from that comes a list of 7 meals with <BEST PART EVER> a grocery list!! HALLELUJAH! I couldn’t turn down this opportunity to save money, have 7 new recipes to try and a grocery list premade for me. So far I have cooked 2 meals and they were fantastic!!

But here’s the kicker… yesterday I walked in the kitchen after church and one of the Roma tomatoes that I had to buy for a recipe was covered in mold. {insert scary emoji}I instantly felt that sick feeling from knowing I had wasted something!!! UGH!!! Not only did I waste something but now when it is time to cook THAT meal that required THAT tomato… I have to go BACK to the store.

Why God, WHY?!?!?!?!?!

Ok so I will attempt to turn down the drama. But here’s the deal… I don’t like wasting things and I am reaching out for YOUR help. In this scenario of the veggies going bad before I could use them… what do I do?

  1. Go to the grocery every few days?
  2. Freeze stuff?? (I mean can you freeze tomatoes?)
  3. Quit cooking healthy meals
  4. Have Amazon prime deliver veggies (do they DO that?)
  5. Just get over it….

Wasting stuff MAKES. ME. CRAZY. And nobody needs a crazy lady on their hands.

Having good intentions of saving money, time, cooking healthy meals, etc., gets RUINED when things go to waste. How do YOU do it? Please and THANK YOU!

A frustrated lover of NOT wasting things,

Cara Roxanne

A few of my Favorite things

First of all, one would be THAT song. Gotta love “The Sound of Music.”

But really… in keeping with the whole “let’s keep life light and fun and not stress about how there is NO progress with our adoption” I figured I should write about things that I DO like.

Mary Kay. So about two years ago I had the priviledge of meeting a very spunky and vivacious lady that I now call my friend. She was doing some research and my name had been given as a “strong female” to interview. Come to find out she also sells Mary Kay. Not in the pushy type of way, but it’s what she does. She introduced me to a WHOLE new world of makeup. I was the girl that never knew what I was doing but pretended to the best of my ability. I have good skin (not bragging if it’s a fact– and that is due to my Indian heritage transferred down through my beautiful Granny Hitt) but she made it even better! She gave me some good products to use (as if my dollar store Neutrogena knock offs weren’t good) and I fell in love.

I LOVE MK’s: Timewise skin products, eyeliner pen, foundation, primer and bronzer. Those are MUST have’s!

mary kay

Younique mascara. Yes this goes against my love for MK but I seriously do not know of a better mascara. LOVE it. And combine it with my Mk eye primer it will last LEGIT all day.


Coconut water. I can’t say enough about this stuff. This stuff keeps me going when I cannot have my hot tea.

coconut water

Candles. I could spend $100 bucks on candles and still feel like I need more. I once had a person tell me that you should always have a candle burning. And I agree.


Apples. I probably eat 10 pounds of apples a week. NO lie. And don’t judge me. And If you know of some new found “apples will kill you eventually” theory, please do not share it with me. PLEASE!


Board games. I LOVE games. I mean really, I love to win them, but I sure do love them.


The Library. Any library. I love visiting a town and going into their library. The smell, the options, the old stuff, the new stuff. I simply LOVE it all. And the people!!!!!! Best place to people watch…ever. Hands down!


Non-fiction, self help books. I have read books on “Finding Joy in cleaning your house”. Okay so that’s not exactly what it’s called but that was the premise. I mean was it the best book ever? No…but I did have a take away. I love random books where is something to be learned from it. Now don’t get me wrong, I can get down with a good Nicholas Sparks love story book, but I would much rather read a self-help book. Maybe that’s why I’m a counselor? Hmmm….


Songs that you have never heard. I’m the girl whose favorite songs were never released on the radio. They were song #7 on the bonus track that came in the 2 pack special from Target. Those are the songs I like. The one’s that maybe aren’t “Catchy” enough for air time, but actually have substance, and acoustics, and none repetitive phrases.


Live theatre. There is nothing like it. Talent. Raw, sweaty (literally had swept thrown on me from being so close to the front of the stage) authentic performances. Now THAT is something I can enjoy over and over. I once sat on the front row of Les Miserables performance and the “pick pockets” threw a wallet that landed on me. Handing it back to the actor was one of the highlights of my life.


So… there ya go! Just a few things about me and some things that I keep a part of my life. Keep it light. Keep it fluffy. Keep it simple.

Thanks for reading,

Cara Roxanne

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