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Whole 30 advice

I’m a Grazer


Yep- that’s me. I graze just like cows do.

About 5 years ago, pre Whole 30 days, I read an article that talked about eating throughout the day vs. eating 3 meals a day. Something clicked in me that day and I have pretty much done that ever since. I have many friends that laugh at me about always having food with me. It’s true! Now that I’m a grazer, I can’t undo it!

I pretty much eat every 1.5-2 hours without fail. When I was strictly a Grad student and wasn’t working {beyond the work of being a GRAD STUDENT} it was pretty easy. I mean there I was AT HOME and could just walk in the kitchen every few hours and grab something to eat. But being a working woman again has made it challenging. Therefore, planning ahead is ESSENTIAL for me.

If you saw how full my lunch box is on any given day you would probably laugh.

Today’s Whole 30 approved grazing is as follows:

1- strawberries

2- banana

3- apple (Fuji baby!!! love those)

4- raisins

5- 2 pieces of turkey breast lunch meat

6- Avacado. already peeled, cut in half and sprinkled with pepper

7- Larabar. (that’s for mid afternoon… save the best for last, right?)

8- Peaches. (store bought and prepackaged. Probably not the best option but I buy light syrup and I drain it. Sure i’m getting SOME sugar, but not a ton)

9- cashews

That should allow me to survive until I can get home and have a salad at 4:30. That salad will suffice til I can eat dinner!

I don’t eat after 7 pm. Unless I cut up an apple or eat a small of raisins.

So ya see- I’m a grazer. When I attempted this way of eating years ago I instantly dropped some pounds. I am currently not using this way of eating to lose weight, but it does help me to maintain. And frankly, at this point, I wouldn’t know how to do it any other way.

If I DO get a weird stomach cramp or pain I can narrow it down easily and figure out the culprit. Thankfully, when I eat clean like this that doesn’t happen very often!

Thanks for following the journey,

Cara Roxanne

Whole FLIPPIN’ 30


I’m doing it. again.

You read that right.

I did amazing the first time. I mean not really, but in hindsight that’s how I remember it. But the truth is it was horrible. I hated it. BUT…

For those 30 days I had NO stomach issues. Zilch. Nada. Not even with all those salads. I mean come on, between the salad and fruit you would assume I never left the bathroom, but I didn’t. I felt good. I slept good. I WAS good.

Well– over the past month my stomach issues have started creeping back up. I mean I had some really good take aways from the Whole 30  and I have applied those, but overall I am back to eating how I normally eat. Which is pretty good. And pretty healthy. And pretty full of GLUTEN.

I think that’s the culprit. So let me clarify. I am doing the WHOLE 30 BC (I do a lot of things BC… that means “By Cara”) This Whole 30 I will allow myself a probiotic yogurt every other day. I honestly believe that helps my stomach and I don’t know of any adverse affects I have had from it. So I am keeping that.

Also I am allowing myself a FEW (still undecided on what exactly) gluten free products. That’s so NOT the way to Whole 30 it by the book, but again this is BC. So….

No cheese.

No sugar. (other than a very VERY rare case like being somewhere and all that’s offered is cookies and i’m starving. And even then it is ONE.)

No milk no icecream= no problem. I don’t like either.

No GLUTEN! (no bread no grains no oats)

No corn (that kills my stomach… that means no movies. I can’t see a movie without popcorn)


Maybe this will help me decide once and for all if it’s gluten. Sigh.

Here we flippin’ go again!


I have no clue why you would want to follow this journey but thank you,

Cara Roxanne

P.S. The only reason there is a HEART around the word WHOLE 30 is because I couldn’t find one with the NO sign on it.

It’s my last week of Whole 30! 

Can I get a hallelujah??

Can I get an Amen?

I am ALMOST there.

*Insert Excited Face from favorite movie*


I made it. I have shared pretty much every interesting and new recipe I tried. Here is how I survived…

I had 2 cordial cherries the day before I started. {Don’t judge me- it was cordial cherries or death} My point is– I didn’t follow it 100% the way you are supposed to. I did excellent 99.2% of the time. I may have had a few accidental rule breaks at restaurants but those I cannot control. I did what I was supposed to to the best of my ability. Except the cordial cherries. Oh and that one Dr Pepper. I don’t even drink cokes BUT I had a migraine. It would not go away and I know that for some reason coke helps. I didn’t drink it all though… I PROMISE! My point– do what you can and don’t freak out if you mess up. Move on.

I pretty much cooked what I normally would cook only I modified mine somehow. I’ve said this before but just do what you would normally do. Grill the burgers, make the spaghetti, make the tacos… just use lettuce instead of noodles, or forgo anything but the spaghetti sauce and meatballs. It won’t kill you. It was pretty easy.

I ate lots of snacks! Almonds, pistachios, apples, unsweetened applesauce, lunch meat rolled up… HAVE SNACKS! That’s the HARD part! You gotta eat and if you don’t have a snack handy you will break.

Plan ahead. If you don’t plan ahead then forget it. You can’t just hop in the car for a 3 hour drive and not have an apple in your purse. Or some almonds handy. Whatever it is you gotta be ready for it.

I didn’t give it much thought. What I mean is– I didn’t stew over whether or not to try the Whole 30 for some crazy amount of time. I made up my mind I was going to do it and started it the first day I was home from vacation. Done. Just do it! I jumped in before I went to the store and had bought all I needed. JUST DO IT! If I had spent time deciding when to start it there would have been a MILLION reasons to put it off.

“I can’t start next Monday because we are having dinner with friends that night”

“Can’t start tomorrow because i’m the one in charge of bringing muffins for brunch”

The EXCUSES will kill you. Just. Do. It.

Or don’t.

I don’t know that I lost any weight. If you are wanting to try the Whole 30 to lose weight then get on Weight Watchers. This is NOT about that. Now, that being said, I have read of lots of women who lost weight and may I say “YOU GO GIRL!!!” but for me– I already eat relatively healthy so there wasn’t a MAJOR change here except giving up dairy. {As I type this my mouth is watering– come on Sunday!! I am gonna eat a whole tub of yogurt} What I DID notice was my stomach was not messed up in the evenings as usual. I had more regular bowel movements. [TMI- but that’s ok..right?!?] I never felt “stuffed”, yet I always felt satisfied. [I’m using past tense as if I don’t have 4 more days…]

It’s worth it. Give it a shot. Or don’t? Do what works for YOU! I’m here if you need advice or tips or encouragement. I will do it again one day. But it will be a LONG time from now…

For now,


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