Seriously. I do good {ok…decent} when I write, but I never have had a way with words. I get phrases wrong. I get song lyrics wrong. I always mean to say something….yet it never comes out right.

I am in school to become a counselor, so it shouldn’t surprise you that I find it therapeutic to be honest and get this off my chest.

Here are some examples of many of the things I get wrong:

Tim McGraw’s song… He sings “Our feet in the water and pressed her lips to mine”. I sing “I peed in the water and pressed her lips to mine.” Kinda different.

Chicago has an awesome song called “Look Away”. They say “when you see me walking by and the tears are in my eyes… look away, baby look away” However I like my version better… “When you see me walking by with an earring in my eye…look away” I mean wouldn’t YOU find it hard to look away if someone had an earring in their guy? I once dated a guy with an eyebrow ring and my dad couldn’t help but stare at it… all-the-time. I can’t imagine if he had an earring in his eye. Yikes.

bless your heart

And then there are the phrases that I grew up hearing that never made any sense to me. i mean I understand “Bless her heart”. That clearly does not mean what it says. It usually means shes pitiful or ugly or mean… it’s not at all what it seems.

But then there are phrases about people being worth their salt, and throwing it hats, and towels and cats. I never EVER get these write.


“I got this in the hat with the cat in the bag!” That one is my favorite. i’m pretty sure I made it up by combining a few but it’s ok.

“I’m throwing the cat in the ring.” I don’t really know which ones I have combined here.

“I think he’s worth his salt in oats.” This one is my husbands FAV.

“Aw babe! I think this is gonna be a landmine!” My husband responds with “I think you mean gold mine… or at least I hope you do.”

“Eh… it’s 12 of 1, 6 dozen of the other.” I say this all the time. And frankly, I don’t even know what the correct way to say it is.

“Doesn’t make a hill of beans to me”. I think I am saying this right so I must say I have NEVER seen a hill of beans…ever.

“I was born on a Tuesday but not the one we just had.” This one is supposed to be something being born at night but not the night we just had, or something like that.

Geez… we have so many weird sayings down here. They don’t make a lick of sense to me but I sure have fun saying them! I make fun of George W. for being an idiot, yet when it comes to saying phrases correctly, i’m afraid he and I are one in the same.

For Now,